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The links in this list will be geared specifically for people of European ancestry, and, in particular, to those of Pagan European folkish religion, but it will also include other excellent websites which deal with pro European activism. There is another more extensive two page pro- European website list called the truthful sites list or “The Big List” by Mr. James Laffrey:

Page One of Mr. Laffrey’s List

Page Two of Mr. Laffrey’s List

I just came across Mr. James Laffrey recently because I saw that some of our websites had been listed on his list, including the now deleted Freyja Hof’s Muse, which will be restored on this website, along with new articles to come as well.

Mr. Laffrey seems to have refreshingly honest and rational opinions, and the list is very comprehensive and well worth having a look at… it has a wealth of interesting information and links. There is much in it I was not aware of personally yet because I am not as knowledgeable about European nationalist organizations, but I can certainly confirm much of the  testimony  Mr. Laffrey gives in regard to the Christian Identity cult and its ZOG leanings from my personal experiences with them.

Now for our shorter, but hopefully useful, list of pro-European websites. Please do let me know if you know of a website you feel should be added.

You can reach me at Odinia@outlook.com or, if this does not work due to ZOG interference, you can also call me directly at our Odinist temple by phone at  (808) 985 -8580. If you do not hear back from me by email, I suggest you try the telephone. ZOG communication disruption and censorship of pro-European sites is rather extreme, and I suspect it may get worse before getting better.

First… our Odinist Websites, Pages and Groups:

1.  Viking Althing of Odinia: This website will contain more pro-European activism than other sites. It also will be the new home of the censored and deleted Freyja Hof’s Muse blog, as mentioned above. We have a corresponding Facebook Page, also called Viking Althing

2. Our main page for our Odinist organization, Odinia.org which also hosts our annual Odinist Journal Foxfire, can be found here. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are a person of European ancestry who wishes to submit an article, poem, or even a photograph for publication. Articles can be on a wide range of topics, including European culture, history, religion, and spirituality, as well as pro-European political articles. In case you are not able to view our Odinist redes and blots, since there seem to be odd, inexplicable problems with playback sometimes on the Google Youtube  Odinistpodcast Channel , bear in mind that you may find them easier to play on our website.

3. Our book website, The Odinist, with some sections still under construction, has yet to have all its features added and will have, at the very least, an online library section at some point, but at the moment what it does have is an Odinist blog which has proved very popular so far. This is viewable in the “articles” section, here. Update: In response to many requests, we have just added a page with links to Odinia articles and videos about Gods, Godesses, heroes, festivals and feast days, and the like.

4. Our Odinist music meditation website, Think Tribally.. We were thrown off of Zionbook for posting only the second article on this website, so we have high hopes for it.

5. Our new news site is Nationofodin.org , home of The Raven’s Eye.

6. We have various resources on Facebook, including the following pages and groups. Some are updated frequently, some are not, but hopefully all will be informative.


Other Odinism and Folkish Asatru, Odalism, Wotanism, Rodnoverie, Hellenistic, and other European Pagan Websites:

Please Note: For the most part, I am only including groups which appear not to have Zionist leanings and leadership since our organization and page are tribal European. We maintain that adding cultural Marxism and universalism to Pagan religion makes Nordic Pagan religion into a hybrid Christian religion, and we are not Judeo- Christian. I shall also include some organization websites which may well have some folkish members, but whose leadership may not be folkish, but with a caveat. If you have or know of a folkish Heathen group you think should be included, please do let me know.

The Odinic Rite of Australia, which has excellent information, can be found here.  Osred Jameson recently has also kindly made available some back issues of the excellent Odinist magazine, Renewal here. This is our favorite organization apart from our own, and we could not recommend this organization, and Osred Jameson’s Odinist books, more highly.

The Odinic Rite of Argentina, viewable here has a new website which has much of the same content as the Odinic Rite of Australia, since its founder, John Oliver, was once associated with the Odinic Rite of Australia. He contributed the section on the Actus Formalis Defectionis ab Ecclesia Catholica, here.  It is in Spanish primarily, so if you are a native Spanish speaker, or in South America, you may find it quite useful.

The Odinic Rite, which has a past history of accomplishment, for example, when John Yeowell, otherwise known as Stubba, was involved, would seem to have fallen far from its original high aims at this time. Some of its administrators make frequent libelous posts aimed at leaders of other organizations. In fact, both of the Odinist orgs listed just above, as well as ours, have been falsely maligned by them, most recently in an official “Court of the Gothar” pronouncement later altered to make it appear less hostile and libelous. Some administrators appear not to be at all tribal, but universalist, in their views, so I cannot in good conscience list this as a folkish organization at this time.  Obviously, I hope that will change.

Stubba’s work was condescendingly dismissed as “proto-rituals” by one of the administrators writing on a forum, who then proceeded to quote Subba’s words, falsely giving the impression that the work was done by their current leader instead.. There is even an article on their website that shows disrespect for Stubba, who is not here to defend himself, an article which we disapprove of so strongly that we feel uncomfortable even including this site. However, it seems likely that there are some contributors to and members of the Odinic Rite who are folkish and who are not even aware of this dishonor. For their sake, I include the link to the Odinic Rite site, which has a number of articles on Odinism and folkish topics, some of which may be by genuine folkish Odinists,  here.

Only a few days ago, I was very happy to come across a website based in England called Nationalist Asatru News run by a  folkish Asatru man named Dan Rayner. There are numerous pro- European articles available here, as well as original films, and a new radio show interview with the founder. If you are interested in pro-European topics you will love this site.


Pro European and anti-Zionist, although Jew worshiping (Christian):

A quick comment on this section. It would appear that the Christian Identity movement is ZOG. ZOG organizations are antithetical to the purpose of Nordic survival, so I do not see much point in including them. I shall, however be glad to include any other good pro-European websites, Christian or otherwise, regardless of religion or non -religion. Having said this, I personally think Christianity is just about the most anti-European philosophy in existence, and gives even Judaism a run for its money on that score, but everyone is at a different stage of deprogramming, and I am sure I have much to learn myself, so as long as a website appears to have honest information, and does not appear to be by people who actively hate European culture and religion, I am including it.  

Paul Fromm is an astoundingly hard working free speech warrior. He gives public lectures every week, plus hosts a radio show at WhiteResistanceRadio.com six days a week. His main website is‏ the  Canadian Association for Free Expression. He is an excellent writer and sends out email newsletters on pro- European topics, and mails real life ones as well.

Radical Press is a site owned by the supposed free speech advocate Arthur Topham. On the face of it, his website challenges Jewish supremacy, the holohoax, and Jewish hatred of other races, His page features an excerpt from the Jewish book “Germany must Perish” which advocates the extermination of all Germans, in which Mr. Topham has substituted  “Jews” and “Israel” for Germans and Germany in order to highlight the outrageous hypocrisy involved.

Sadly, Mr. Topham very clearly believes in conditional free speech, that is to say free speech only for people of Abrahamic religions, which is not free speech at all. When reviling me for suggesting the we also deserve free speech, Mr. Topham openly scorned our native European religion, writing Odinist priestess with “priestess” in quotations, calling me a dyke, suggesting I “get laid”, and so on. Bizarrely, all of this was put forward after he called himself a “Christian Pagan”, pointed out how his Jewish wife was involved in Native American Indian religion, and waxed lyrical about spiritual concepts. Here is a sampling of his actual views on free speech.

They denigrated and mocked Jesus Christ. Posts about the Christian churches are one thing. I’m critical of the churches too. I chose to unfriend her which Isn’t uncommon. I never attacked her or her Odinist religion. For some reason she feels that freedom of speech means you must allow anyone to post anything about whatever just because they’re “friends”. It’s ridiculous. Every troll would have the same right to publish offending materials. It’s my choice who I want as friends. I’m Christian and I reserve the right to make the choice if I want Christ haters as friends. 
Mr. Topham refuses to answer if he himself is Jewish, and even promotes Muslim Arabs, but not Odinists. We love free speech, but we do not support this particular activist because he does not support free speech for Odinists.

David Duke is a true hero of the Nordic cause and many of us lament that a man who has been such a trailblazer should still be a Christian, but we hope that changes some day. His books, videos, and wonderful work are accessible here.

Holohoax Warriors

Simply put, the people we owe more to than anyone else on the planet .

David Irving

Ursula Haverbeck

Ernest Zundel

Sylvia Stolz

Dr. Fredrick Toben

Thies Christophersen

Dr. Robert Faurisson

Judge Wilhelm Stäglich

More to be added…

Web Pages which purport to be pro-European and anti-Communist, but which harass, ban the comments of, or remove Odinists:

Based on unwarranted abuse and exclusion we, as Odinists, have experienced on them, in both cases by Christian Identity cultists, we kind these sites lacking in value.


I do not even really know this person in the video below and I did nothing to him to provoke this. Clearly, this attack on me is motivated by a desire to attack Odinism. I had some Odinist videos on TruTube. They were very popular and many people made comments on them about how they liked them. I thanked the people who liked them. That is all I did. I did not violate any of the rules of TruTube in any way or even close to that. I was told Delaney was calling me foul names on his Facebook page. I looked and he was. I asked one of the admins on Trutube why he was doing that. I was told that my asking why he was calling me foul names was “an attack” and I was torn off the website, but my videos were left on despite my requesting that they be taken off too. I am told most of the positive comments on my videos were removed too, and for all I know, the people who made them might have been as well. Needless to say, TruTube is not an uncensored site.

TruTube.TV – Seana Elizabeth Fenner von Fenneberg (aka Amber Clausson)- The Kosher Troll Whore from HailVictory on Vimeo.


Daily Stormer;

This site would, on the face of it, appear to be anti-Zionist and anti-Jewish at a  brief glance , but after examining it off and on for quite some time, the only conclusion I can come to is that the primary aims of it are not pro-European but anti-European. It is a hotbed of Jewish activity, including the following:

1). Trying to ensure that any white person who finds out what the Jews are doing does not stop worshipping the Jewish “god”, loving the enemy, sacrificing oneself and other Europeans to the  Jewish god, and reviling our indigenous religion. This is the primary aim of the website and they go to outlandish lengths to make this come about, deleting any facts that might point out the inaccuracy or lack of reason in their semitocentric assertions, demonizing those who make them in the foulest and most jewish terms imaginable, and even using Jewish homosexual “academic” journals to back their attacks on Odinism. They ask questions, but delete responses. There is no possibility of open and honest debate or discussion here, but only Communist Christian censorship. They cannot handle a debate. The truth might come out.

2). Attempts to homosexualize European males and turn them against women of their own kind. This is rather like blaming “Moslems” for all problems rather than the Jews who  orchestrated mass immigration of non-whites to European ancestry nations. It is a jewish distraction technique. Women are not the enemy, Jews are. I never make blanket statements about hating men, because I do not hate men, I hate traitors, and I hate traitors whether they are male of female. What I see in many of the comments tend to be either homosexual hatred of women, Jewish distraction from the real enemy (Jews), Judeo -Christian attacks on women which involves blaming women as some sort of crutch rather than dealing with the enemy because that is too hard and dangerous, or men processing their personal grievances with specific women who were bad, rather than fighting the enemy. None of this gets the job done.

On many occasions, my polite but factual and rational  comments have been removed from this site by it’s foul mouthed oppressive Christian Identity administrators. The person whose site this is disclaims responsibility for their behavior but does nothing about it. I have no way of knowing if Anglin is personally involved with the behavior of his administrators or not, but only that he has been informed about it , and does not appear to do anything about it.

A.F.A. (Asatru Folk Assembly)
































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  1. Socialist Worker - April 1, 2015 at 1:03 pm Reply

    SWPE is a genuine Socialist Party fighting for the survival of our people, traditions, land, animals etc. We have had Christian members in the past, but have come to see that for our nation to survive and to flourish, we need to jettison all alien influences and return to a saner age of unity. SWPE is against the results of the Semitic trio of Judaism, Islam and Christianity – immigration, capitalism, marxism, ‘political correctness’, liberalism – and, naturally the causes. We would be happy to help promote healthy heathenism and would appreciate it if you would be so kind as to allow us to link to your sites.

    Socialism is the belief in the integrity of society and the value of every member – animal and human – it is not a crude mirror of capitalism. The image of Socialism has been perverted to portray it as an ideology which begins and ends in economics. Economics form a part of Socialism, but only a minor part. We look forward to cooperating with you!

    • Odinia - April 11, 2015 at 3:39 pm Reply

      Anyone who wishes to promote the return of our own indigenous European religion and help our people to survive is very welcome to share these links. We are an Odinist religious organization and have no particular political affiliation apart from being against Marxism, Communism, and cultural Marxism, and for a purely European viewpoint based on merit and honor, which of course, is the exact opposite of Semitic Communism.

  2. Heathen Mick - September 1, 2015 at 2:17 pm Reply

    Hi, I came across a couple of interesting Heathen sites by one author not seen in the above lists.
    Enjoy reading through your sites.

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