The Catholic Church Comes out…. In the Light of its Tacit Approval of Gay Marriage and Payouts for Pederasty, we have to ask… Is this a Real Religious Organization or a Semitic Child Molester Mafia?

  Is Christianity even a real religion? Amazingly, one of the most common responses to Christians discovering one is an Odinist is to say that we “must be atheists”, but surely it is only fair to say that anyone who is aware of how Christianity gained a foothold ,and that its traditions are for the most [...]

“Justice” for Whites in Jewmerica: ZOG infested America hits new low as Murderous Blacks receive 41 million dollar reward for gang raping and nearly killing White woman…

This is a difficult topic, and a hard one to deal at, and yet, it is important. It needs to be faced up to and looked at squarely in the face, pleasant or no. Why is this topic important to people of European origin and why am I, specifically, writing this article?  A doctor might [...]

Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Go Back in the Water…. It’s Navy Shark Ghostswimmer Drone!

Personally, I never fail to be amazed at how much the Jewmerican government wants to “help” us. From the Zombie killing practice drill sessions in which unarmed civilians dressed as “zombies” are targeted to get soldiers used to killing women and children, to bankrupting us goyim with the unconstituional Federal Reserve and bailing out even foreign owned [...]

The New Jewish Hate Holiday… Rachel Corrie Vitriol, Haman, and Purim….

I just realized that today, the 16th of March, is the anniversary of the date that a young European ancestry American woman named Rachel Corrie, only 23 years old, was murdered by Israel. She was murdered directly after making this video (just below) and her death was most certainly not “accidental” as Israel maintains… All of [...]

Setting a Course to Lindisfarne…The USS Liberty…NEVER FORGET…

Published Monday, August 27, 2012 at 4:22 P.M. Censored by ZOG-Google, Revised, Updated, and republished on 7 June. 2015   ______________________________________________________ Lindisfarne Day is a battle with a cheerful ending.. a celebration of a time when our people were ably defending ourselves from repeated Christian assaults… The cowardly Christians robbed and committed mass genocides against their own people for [...]

Why Odinists put Children’s Rights above Homosexual Rights… and Why I shall not be Performing the Sacrament of Marriage for Same Sex Couples…

In the wake of yet more attempts meant to pervert and destroy our people, and especially helpless young children, I felt that some response should be made to point out what the traditional Odinist view of homosexual “marriage” is. Why do I put marriage in regard to homosexual union in quotations? Recently, I became involved [...]

The Eloi, Spitting Zionists, and 30 days in Facebook Jail… How Selective Censorship is used as a Jewish Tool for the ETHNIC CLEANSING of Europeans…

There are so many ways Jews censor Europeans, and only Europeans, that I do not even know where to begin. Perhaps the most fascinating thing about it is how many European ancestry people, mostly Christianized, and- or trained to exhibit ‘tolerance” like sheeple, blithely go along with it. It reminds me of H.G. Well’s Time Machine, in [...]

Halloween Chutzpah… IDF Costumes with Toy Machine Guns for Jewish Kids, Pink Tutus for European Boys…

Extreme hypocrisy is a key features of this Jewish age, but it is not a natural feature of our societies, not for Northern European tribes. Before the Jewish onslaught of Christianity, in which our holy days and places of worship were ruthlessly re-purposed for Jewish supremacist use, a foreign god imposed over their real meaning, everything would have made a lot [...]


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