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Greetings and thank you for visiting one of our Odinia International Websites! You also may wish to visit our other websites at and

Our direct email marketing policy at the current time is to mail you occasional mailings if you have asked us to in an email message, or by phone, or in person, or by any other means. Sometimes if we know you are interested in Odinism or other topics we tend to explore, we also ask you if you would like to be included.

These occasional email newsletters will contain links to new issues of the online Odinist Foxfire journal, which comes out annually, and also notifications about such things as new Odinist rede and blot video broadcasts being uploaded to our “Odinistpodcast” youtube channel , viewable here, events, articles, and the like.

At some point we may decide to make our list more frequent, at which point we might ask if you wish to be on the occasional or regular mailing list, but at this time we only have one list. We are making a regular mail service list as well, but we are not yet using it at this time.

If you are not receiving your newsletters, we ask that you check your spam folder. It is  also a good idea to add us to your safe sender list so that our email newsletters are not categorized as spam. If you ever wish to be removed from our email list, just contact us, and we would be happy to remove you.

You can contact us to be added to our email list or to be removed from it at or. You can also contact the email address used for the newsletter itself which is the email address is also the one that you might wish to add to your contacts or safe sender list in your email service if you wish to ensure our emails will reach you instead of being labeled as spam. This email address is Be assured that we will take good care of your information. Please see our privacy policy here.

If you have signed up for the news@me service, we shall access the subscriber list their system creates to include you on our occasional emailing list, but remember that the best way to get on our list, because it would be the quickest, is simply to contact us directly by email or phone.

You can reach us at:


Tel.  (808) 985 -8580 . Hawaii time. We will not always be present to answer your calls, but if we are not, just leave a message and we shall return your call.

You can also add us on skype at live:odinia

This policy was last updated on 18 September 2015

The policy was created on September 22, 2014

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