Viking Berserkers, Narcotic Drugs, Prescription and Otherwise, and the Opium Proxy- Profit Wars… Not “English”

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Opium... presented as an exotic and seductive vice by homosexual, Yves Saint Laurent
Opium… presented as an exotic vice by homosexual, Yves Saint Laurent…

Many people are not aware of the fact that African slavery was not “Dutch”, that the Opium Wars were not “English”, that Communism was not “Russian”, and even the Mafia is not “Italian”. All were Jewish. This article will, in part, be about the history of the Sassoon family, a Jewish family whose name was popularized by the heavily advertised Sassoon brand of blue jeans. Like the two Jewish banker brothers with fake names who recently almost singlehandedly destroyed the economy and future of the people of Iceland, which led to the Iceland Revolution, the Sassoons, also a banking family, hailed originally from Iran.

David Sassoon (seated) and his sons Elias David, Albert (Abdallah) & Sassoon David.
David Sassoon (seated) and his sons Elias David, Albert (Abdallah) & Sassoon David.

In the case of China, an entire society and system of government were corrupted and destroyed by Jewish outsiders through the promotion of drug use and proxy war using England to enforce it.. This is the sort of nation destroying tactic, the process of corruption from within, that Dr. William Pierce eloquently and accurately expounds upon in his video, “The Jewish Corrupters”, which is so frequently deleted.

The Jewish Corrupters – Dr. William Pierce from Marcus on Vimeo.

Speaking of censorship, this small article about the Opium Wars was originally meant to replace yet another often deleted video, a video on the Opium Wars, that had been removed without a single copy left.  Now this video is back, viewable at the very end of this article. It is only approximately 5 minutes long and well worth watching, and as you will see, it merely states historical facts, so certainly there can have been no just reason to have deleted it other than as a cover-up. The article about the video was ripped off as well, but here we have both the video and an updated and an expanded  newer version of the article restored again.

Drug use has become something of a rallying point, in activist circles especially, and sometimes even forms a sort of common bond among drug takers. One often sees the uses of historical hemp extolled, and Libertarians rave about the benefits of marijuana, and we are even told that cannabis oil or juice, which is not an intoxicant itself, cures all sorts of health problems, even cancer. I do not know if this is correct or not, perhaps it is, but one thing I have observed is that perpetual use of marijuana in its form as a drug, causes substantial reduction in intellectual capacity and  motivation and reasoning difficulties. Studies back up the fact  that brain damage occurs from frequent drug use, especially in adolescents.

Drug use causes brain damage and motivation reduction
Drug use causes brain damage and reduced motivation…

There are frequent academic suggestions that ancient Pagan soothsayers used various plants or natural gases to enter into meditative states or for shamanistic practices, and they may have done so occasionally, but I highly doubt they became what I would call, the “pot heads” of today, who follow a lifestyle completely predicated on obtaining their next drug fix, at times involving drug selling, theft, and prostitution to do so.

Often these factors of supposed ancient drug use are emphasized or taken out of context and given undue importance because those doing so seek to draw drug users, promote drug use, and to twist history to retroactively legitimize the widespread, and highly damaging, recreational drug use of today.

Amanita Muscara Mushroom
Amanita Muscara, the fabled mushroom, incorrectly said to have produced Berserker rages in Vikings

In our Norse history, the idea that our Gods race mixed, that our priests were homosexual, and that Viking berserkers commonly used hallucinogenic mushrooms is relentlessly pushed by homosexual and Jewish pseudo-academics despite there being only the most tenuous or irrational “evidence” to this effect imaginable. This last mentioned fallacy was first promoted in 1784 by Samuel Ãdman, who  suggested that Amanita muscaria mushrooms were used by Vikings to enter into berserker rages before battles. His only evidence for this was drawn upon reports of observations of  Siberian shamans using the mushroom to enter trance states. The difficulty is that, far from producing battle lust, apparently Amanita muscaria use induces euphoria similar to the effect caused by opium use.

Real Berserkers don't need drugs. (-;
Real Vikings don’t need drugs. (-;

Having lived in two of the most drug infested places in America, Hawaii and Florida, just a brief look at the people I went to school with was enough to prove the harmful nature of drug use to me beyond the shadow of a doubt, which is why I never used any of these substances. I noticed people on drugs could not hit baseballs ever because they lost coordination, and that girls who took expensive drugs, such as cocaine, often became coke whores. One homosexual high school science teacher actually had a quaalude factory in his lab, and tried to seduce male students with lines like. “Come on Kevin, I’ll help you do your math homework and then we can go out back and smoke some joints as a reward”.

This man could not even speak coherently and I remember him once asking how to spell “the” while he was standing up and talking at the blackboard. Everyone ignored him for the most part because practically all of the students were busy drinking beer, playing poker, and laying out lines of coke on the lab tables and snorting them. None of these students ever got any college degrees as far as I am aware. My feeling is that things are difficult enough for our people without being habitual drug users too.

For Comic Relief, Amusing Video about Spiders on Drugs…


In all the heroin chic hoopla, what is generally not mentioned is that drug abuse has profoundly significant and negative effects upon the lives of the people who take them habitually, and can even harm unborn babies, just as alcohol use can. It is not really the glamorous habit it is presented to be. I remember a beautiful young blonde girl who came to my archaeoastronomy course, but left in the middle of class because she was out of her mind on drugs and having some sort of crawling the walls type episode. She came back a couple months later just before the Midterm exams expecting to finish the course and brandishing a card that approved her medical marijuana use, saying “They don’t give these to just anyone!” I did not want to be forced to give her a bad grade, and after much gentle persuasion, I was able to get her to drop the course, but it would have been far better for her, whatever her problems, if she never used the drugs in the first place.

We currently have a situation in which many people, even very young pre-teens, destroy their own lives through habitual drug use. This is portrayed as being exotic sometimes, but actually it is very sad. The people who engage in these self- destructive behaviors are often trying to escape from something… loneliness, pain, and in the case of Europeans at least, extreme bias against us in the job market, the work place, and everywhere else. We do, after all, live in a sick society and it is hard not to be affected by it, in one way or another.. One thing long- standing drug users always say to me is that if they had it to do over, they would not do it again. I remember one man in Hawaii, who was 45 at the time and had used drugs since the age of 13, saying how the man who had got him hooked on drugs when he was a child had “destroyed him”, and how he “would have been ok” otherwise.

The Opium Poppy..
The seductive Opium poppy, slashed for its narcotic sap…

Prescription drugs are the other side of the coin. Anti ADD and anti-depressive drugs are being handed out like candy, even to kids. The fact that such drugs can be harmful in the extreme is often overlooked because a doctor gives them out. This is not the case. In fact, I happened to have once read about Effexor (an anti-depressant), and Ecstasy (an illegal drug) on the same day and discovered that they do much the same thing. In acting upon the serotonin receptors, they improve mood at first, but become less and less effective, meaning that higher doses must be used, until they reach the stage of fraying the serotonin receptors, in essence making a person who may have been merely depressed before into an emotionally unstable vegetable. In addition to this, the toxicity levels of common anti-depressants are so high, they might as well be considered poison. Not only do prescription and non-prescription mind-altering drugs hurt the lives of those who partake of them, they can also do harm to their offspring. For example, both marijuana, and antidepressants are known to damage DNA in eggs and sperm.

If you have used or use these drugs, or have a problem with over consumption of alcohol, or any other addiction or problem, do not lose heart. The human body has a tremendous capacity to recuperate and heal if you give it a chance. Wean yourself off them and try to improve your health, eating, and exercise habits, if possible, spending time outdoors in the sunlight.

Fortunately Odinists usually remember that it is important to face things in so far as we are able to, and deal with problems and find solutions, no matter how bad the situation may be. One might fail, but to not try ensures failure. We do not believe that the meek will inherit the earth…We need to strive to be healthy and vigorous and to escape every single arrow the enemy throws our way.

I have mentioned this topic because there are parallels between what was done to the Chinese in the Opium Wars and their aftermath, and what is being done to us now. You do not need me to tell you about them. I am sure you will see.

Opium Den in China, Historic Picture
Opium Den in China, Historic Picture.

The video on the subject of how Jews used drugs to destroy China and used England to fight their wars and how they profited from all of this was removed on copyright grounds, even though those who owned the copyright were not those who complained…a favorite tactic of Israel, which was the complainant against whoever posted the video.. I have given much the same information here in this article in case it is removed again. This is a fascinating subject and one everyone needs to know about, because it is relevant to us all. The source for much of this general information is the Jewish Encyclopedia.

If you do not know much about opium, and I confess I did not, it causes extreme addiction in the person who uses it and causes one to enter into a comatose state for hours on end. Withdrawal symptoms for those who want to escape its influence are also of an extreme nature, including vomiting, other digestive disturbances, terrible pain in the head or limbs, and even death.. To say that it has caused untold agony to millions would be an understatement.

Devastation caused to China and British and Chinese Military, all for Sassoon profits...
Devastation and lives of soldiers lost for the sake of profits for the Sassoon tribe.

Saleh Sassoon, a Jewish banker, managed to install himself as court treasurer to the governor of Bagdad, Ahmet Pasha. His son, David Sassoon, was born in Iran. In 1829, When Ahmet Pasha was overthrown by a corrupt government, the Sassoons then travelled to Bombay, India, which was on the trade route to the interior of India and the Far East. Sassoon prevailed upon the British government to grant him a monopoly on the manufacture of certain items, such as cotton, silk and opium. The primary base of this operation was in Canton, China. Sassson and his 8 sons, spread the opium trade throughout Asia, employing only other Jews, and even importing whole families of Jews for this purpose, and building synagogues and Jewish schools for them as he went.

Lin Tse –Hsu, ordered to do so by the Manchu Emperor, threw 2,000 chests of opium into a river in an attempt to save the people of China
Commissioner Lin Tse –Hsu, who, acting on the orders of the Manchu Emperor, threw  2,000 chests of opium into a river, in an attempt to save the people of China.

It is a little known fact that there is a large Jewish espionage and drug ring in the US as well, and this is not much known because it has been almost entirely covered up by the Jewish- owned media. It may be the subject of another entry here at some point.

The reason for the traditional Jewish concentration on the slave trade, including sex slavery using white women and children in Israel, banking that involves usury against non- Jews, other organized crime, and drug dealing, is partially a pseudo- religious one. From the Jewish perspective, Jews are not supposed to engage in ordinary labour, or any sort of manual labour… that is for gentiles. The same goes for the fighting of wars for Israel. We non- Jews are supposed to be used as cannon fodder for Jewish interests, but Jews aren’t. Here is an interesting short clip which highlights this Semitic notion. As an update, I see that it has been deleted again, so I better replace it. The title is ” Gene Simmons “That is what Gentiles are for”…

The basis of this Jewish religious ideal can be found both in the Talmud and in the Old Testament (see quote below for example). This is, if you will, the game plan, played out over centuries and generations untold, but there is not anything divine or godly about it.

“I shall lead you to the land of your fathers and give you large and beautiful cities that you did not build, and houses full of things that you did not gather, and fallen trees that you did not cut, vineyards and olive groves that you did not plant, and you will eat and be satisfied (Deuteronomy 6:10ff.)

See also, this article, “The Palestinian Olive Trees” where this biblical phrase above, is acted out, quite literally, in present day Israel.

Meanwhile, in China, Sassoon and his tribe managed to sell 18, 956 chests full of this poisonous drug, opium, to the people of Asia between 1930 and 1931 alone.. making the equivalent of many millions of dollars in profit . Although it was not their initiative, part of this money was shared with the British government for having granted the monopoly.

Jewish profit-proxy wars, again and again, throughout history...
Jewish profit-proxy wars throughout history…

In 1839, after 10 years of his country being laid waste to by the Jews in this fashion, the Manchu Emperor, having become aware of the destruction the deadly drug was causing his people, ordered that the opium trade must be halted and made it illegal. He asked the Commissioner of Canton, Lin Tse –Hsu, to initiate a campaign against it. Lin Tse –Hsu correspondingly seized 2,000 chests of opium and had them thrown into a river.

The Jewish response to this was fairly typical (for them). An outraged Sassoon demanded that the “goyim” he had bought off with bribes in the British government retaliate against China because they had destroyed some of his profits in trying to actually defend themselves and their children from Jewish attack. Thus began the “Opium Wars” which might better be termed, “even more wars for Jews”. The “goyim” slaves of the British Army were used to attack the Chinese, blockade their ports, and destroy their cities, and of course, British soldiers died too, all for the profit of the Sassoons. This should sound very familiar to you.

Historic cartoon of "Death by Opium" forced on the Chinese by the British puppets of the Jews.
Historic cartoon of “Death by Opium” forced on the Chinese by British puppets of the Jews.

In the same year, after heavy losses to the Chinese, many of whose military men had already been decimated by the ravages of opium, the Treaty of Nanking was signed. It included degrading provisions that ensured that the Sassoons would be allowed to destroy the entire population of China with opium if they wished, without further interference, and that the Chinese should repay the English for the cost of waging war against them (for the Jews) and also forced them to pay back the Sassoons for the cost of the dumped opium. The cost of the war, 21 million pounds, was a staggering sum at the time.

Having been granted the monopoly rights for opium trade in Chinese ports, the Jews now demanded the same rights in the rest of China, and the Manchu resisted, whereupon the Sassoons orchestrated another Jewish proxy- profit war. The British Army and people were used by them again, until uninterrupted Jewish opium trade throughout China was guaranteed in 1860. Jewish opium dens spread, with no one but Jews employed in them, and the Sassoons soon became the richest Jews on the planet. The destruction of China and deaths of British men, who were only goyim, was just a small detail.

The Treaty of Nanking...
The Treaty of Nanking…

Solomon Sassoon married Alin Rothschild in 1887 thus consolidating Jewish wealth even more. All 14 of David Sassoon’s grandsons were made officers in another Jewish orchestrated war, WWI, and were therefore able to avoid combat while more Europeans died. The corrupt and Jewish infiltrated British government collaborated with this and gave these Jewish mass murderers titles. They then were better able to help instigate WWII.

In the latest horrible parody of the other Jewish orchestrated war efforts, at this time, the United States is fighting a series of wars, again for Jewish interests, in the Middle East, and this is something we must stop doing. We need to care for our own people and protect our own borders, not expand the borders of Israel at the expense, not just of our resources, but of the lives of our military men and women.

Jewish Criminals and war mongers given titles which they used to commit far larger crimes and cause even more monstrous wars.
Jewish criminals and war mongers given titles which they used to commit far larger crimes and cause even more monstrous wars.

We are also being given the societal destruction treatment… the same Jews used in Russia with the false Russian revolution funded by Jewish American banker, Joseph Schiff… the same that was done by them in ancient Rome, in Germany, and so many other places where constructive and creative people had formerly been living their lives in peace and productivity before they were invaded….

This song of corruption is a timeless, unceasing, almost inconceivably hate-filled paean of racial loathing for, and planned destruction of, our folk, our civilizations, and our culture, one that only one side of the engagement generally recognizes. Let us hear the sound of it for what it is and replace it with another saner song of our own, a song for war as well. It is time we gave the Jews the same level of care and attention that they give to us.

Naval Battles of the Opium Wars...
Naval Battles of the Opium Wars…

Here is “The Jews and the Opium Wars” video. which is available again and well worth a watch…

About the Author: Seana Fenner is the founder of Odinia International, an archaeoastronomer, and the writer and narrator of the Odinist video redes and blóts on the Odinistpodcast Channel. These videos contain original research meant to restore our native European religion, Odinism. Seana Fenner completed her graduate work at Oxford and has done extensive research on the ancient world, both at archaeological sites, and at research libraries and museums. Her main topics of research are Odinism and archaeoastronomy, and she also has degrees in archaeology, history, English literature, and religion. Seana Fenner is especially active in regard to European civil rights issues and freedom of religion and speech. Most recently, she has worked for the NASA Infared Telecope, and as a lecturer, creating and teaching archaeoastronomy courses for the physics department at the University of Hawaii. She also has given history, natural history, and science lectures for the Harvard Museum of Natural History and for private jet tour expeditions. For more about her research, and upcoming book, see her Author’s Guild page here. To submit an article to the Odinist journal Foxfire, or join our Odinist email newsletter, or Odinia International, please contact us at For more information about Odinism, our main website is




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