Tribal Survival… Anti-Racist Hitler and an Introduction to White Genocide by Immigration

This article was originally posted on Freyja Hof’s Muse, one of two deleted, but now restored, Odinist sites, just before it was censored by Zog-Google. Originally published 7th May 2014 at 11:42 PM, published here revised and slightly updated…

Our Tribal Survival Instinct must be Reborn…

Photo: Detail from ancient Nordic Greek stag hunt mosaic in Πέλλα Pella.
Photo: Detail from ancient Nordic Greek lion hunt mosaic in Πέλλα Pella.

This article is about the importance of maintaining national character, and ethnic and cultural identity, and a satirical video exploration of the extremist hatred of European folk by anti-White racists in “Anti-Racist Hitler”. One of my very favorite Facebook pages, guaranteed to give anyone who has awakened a smile, is: Open Borders for Israel. It is one of several pages that have begun to take a humorous, satirical approach towards the appalling hypocrisy exhibited by Israel and Jews in regard to immigration issues.

Picture from "Prosper in Israel" Facebook Page
Picture from “Prosper in Israel” Facebook Page

You very probably have seen Jews who purport to be patriots speaking self-righteously about Muslims and illegal aliens and blaming Obama, whom they say is Muslim controlled, despite the fact that Jewish corporations funded him, that Obama’s staff is 3000 percent over-represented with Jews as per population, and that more than 80 percent of Jews vote Democrat. The fact is that Jews have no actual political or religious convictions. They vote or pretend to be of whatever religion or party is of use for the aims of the Jewish people at the moment. If they want to use America and our resources and military men for wars that are of benefit to Israel, Jews suddenly become “Conservative”, hence the term Neo Con..

The relentlessly expressed desire  of the Jews to force Europeans all over the world to allow themselves to be used, marginalized, and in fact, invaded by hostile foreigners of different races, and even genocided by them, is aided and abetted by Jewish ownership of 97 percent of the media, which can hardly be accidental.

While encouraging us to participate in our our own racial genocide and give up the land and countries we have built to other races,  the Jews themselves scrupulously maintain their genetic and cultural identity. They even seek to displace the native countryman of the nations they have occupied, for instance the Palestinians and the Germans. Now they even expect small Scandinavian villages to take in thousands of people that Jews themselves have displaced and racially annihilate themselves. What is most amazing about this is the number of people willing to go along with it.

“Anti-Racist Hitler”, which like “Open Borders for Israel”, is reality based satire, is an excellent video, and I have been meaning to post it for some time, but I have been concerned that many people might not be aware of where a central reference in it comes from, so I thought it needed some introduction in order to make sure that even those who are completely unfamiliar with the topic can understand the allusions in it and fully appreciate it. To this end, I am posting a link that provides a little introduction first. I don’t want to over-explain a work of art, but I think the message is important and I want to make sure that further information will be fully accessible to anyone who is interested.

If you are in a rush, scroll down to the picture of Barbara Spectre below which has her statement written on it, or you might wish to look just a bit down from the picture and click on the  “What is the Nation of Odin” link in red just below. On that page, you will find a short video of a speech by Barbara Spectre. This is what you really need to see to know who is being satirized in “Anti-Racist Hitler”. Barbara Spectre is one of a number of Jewish activists in European heritage countries who are making efforts to genocide the White race out of existence by means of mass non-European immigration which is why I am posting both the link itself and a picture from it here. I do encourage you to read the short article in the “Nation of Odin” link too, since the concept of our fundamental right to see things from the point of view of our own othala, our own tribe, is a very important concept for our European ancestry folk, and this short article contains information all of us very much need to know.

"What is the Nation of Odin"
Click here for “What is the Nation of Odin?”

One sees an astounding level of advertising about how it is “Muslim immigration” that is destroying our countries. The safety, freedom, and continued existence of Europeans are of primary importance to any thinking, sane, Nordic person, so I find two major problems with this deceptive and over-simplistic emphasis, an emphasis which is partly true, but clearly intended to mislead:

Know the truth. Jews are responsible for non- European immigration to all white countries and they are the ones who made the original version of this cartoon. They are expelling Blacks from Israel not watching their children being assaulted by them. Stop being a Jewish puppet. Photo from "For Jew-Worshippers" Album by Odinia. This picture was deleted from Facebook just a few weeks ago. For this reason alone, please share it widely.
Know the truth. Jews are responsible for non- European immigration to all white countries and they are the ones who made the original version of this cartoon. They are expelling Blacks from Israel, not watching their children being assaulted by them. Stop being a Jewish puppet. Photo from “For Jew-Worshippers” Album by Odinia. This picture was deleted from Facebook just a few weeks ago. For this reason alone, please share it widely.

1). As a friend of mine who was murdered by ZOG, J. T. Ready, once said to me, “the non Whites are the biological weapons of the Jews”. He was right and I am still alive, so I am quoting his words to you in the hope that anyone who has managed to reach this page may listen to them and think about it while it is still possible to, and hopefully spread the truth.

One needs to consider the SOURCE of the non-European immigration since this is the primary factor. Just as a mortal enemy, and that *is* what we are talking about, is a million times more dangerous than a mere weapon, so are the Jews a million times more dangerous to human life, and in particular, our European ancestry life, than countless Arabs. The fact is that there is always one common factor, and that is that in every European country in which mass non-European immigration has been promoted, Jews have orchestrated it.

The other salient feature to remember is that Jews do not let those who are not racially Jewish immigrate to their own country, Israel. If you would like to know more about this subject, please read  “Israel vs Odinia: Blacks are Expelled from Israel but We Europeans are Expected to Destroy our Folk”. It is about the need to preserve our national character and how this is necessary for our very survival.

2). It is not “Muslim immigration” that is the problem alone, but ALL non-European immigration and we are not talking about “Muslims” but Arabs. THIS IS RACIAL, NOT RELIGIOUS. Mass non -European immigration and constant race-mixing propaganda are meant to displace and replace European ancestry people in our own countries and eliminate us.

I understand the need to exercise care in not being censored, but this emphasis on “Muslims”, this diversionary tactic, is being promoted by Jews, and it is geared specifically to the uninformed surface readers who will not look into the source. Jews own 97 percent of the world’s media and most of the internet as well. There is NO WAY anyone expressing hatred of Arabs or calling them “muzzies” or any other racial epithet would ever be ripped off the internet for being “racist” against “Muslims” for the simple reason that Jews control much of it..

True Words..
True Words..

It is just like being a liberal… the “anti-jihadists”, who are trained to ignore the real instigators of war, the Zionist jihadists, are made to feel rebellious, fashionable, and even “patriotic” by their Jewish masters, knowing that what they are doing is safe as long as Jews occupy our nations. All these lowlifes think of is their appearance and financial advantage, and fitting in. They have no substance or depth, no concern for our future and our tribe, no true heart or spirit. Bear in mind that anyone who has the courage to oppose the real monsters really does have his or her information ripped off the internet, for example, my facebook album entitled “Zionist Jihadists”, which contained only historical facts with nothing that was even vaguely against the rules, was removed from Zionbook (Facebook) several years ago.

Check out the facebook group Fake White Activism Awareness for occasional posts on this topic. Here is just one example of a screen shot taken from one such fake pro-European page. Notice the Holger Dansk Network freely uses the word “muzzie”, which, like racial epithets against whites, is allowable. Try using a racial epithet such as “kike” or “nigger” and see what happens. At the same time, the admin of this page abuses and tears off anyone who points out the real source of the dangerous immigration he alludes to, and he rants about “anti-Semitic” remarks. Perhaps he does not realize that Jews and Arabs are both Semites and that Holger Danske, who was a European, a Dane, would have expelled both groups?

Fake Pro White group run by Jews.
Fake Pro White group run by Jews.

I am happy to say that despite massive funding from the unconstitutional Jewish owned Federal Reserve and the like, such groups are beginning to decline in popularity as people learn the truth.

Those who run these “anti Muslim” Jewish fake pro-white sites never mention the true source of the mass immigration and they encourage people to talk of Muslims, rather than Arabs, so as not to appear “racist” which also has the benefit of keeping people in sheeple mode. The creators of these supposedly European pages, which are actually Zionist pages, are so repulsively deceitful and hypocritical, it literally makes me feel ill. Those who really do not know the source of the immigration and have not checked it out may either have been very busy or may be mentally lazy, but often they are hypocrites as well. One thing is certain, and that is that anyone who thinks of an Arab as a “Muslim” because a Jew tells him to, and because he is not allowed to be a “racist”, is a coward, and a fool.

It is no accident that Jews have acquired virtually all the media.
It is no coincidence that Jews have acquired virtually all the media.

Some of these spineless ones, who only dare to be against “Muslims” because it is the kosher form of “conservatism” do want to preserve their culture and people, but they do not have the guts to say so, and they fear being thought of as, or even worse, called a “racist” more than anything, which is just what the Jews want. Some even call themselves pro-White, but they seek the approval of non-Whites and brotherhood with them first, rather than unity with their own people. They even worship a fake and foreign Jewish “god” so they clearly are not “pro-White” although, to be fair, many of them do not realize this yet.

Zio- Sheeple. Taken from a video on the Odinistpodcast Channel on Youtube
Zio- Sheeple. Taken from a video on the Odinistpodcast Channel on Youtube

The primary bonding mechanism between Jews is tribal, and such an attitude is both natural and necessary for survival. Almost any Jew worshiping (Christian) European person, having no cultural and ethnic identity due to heavy programming from an early age, can be duped into considering all the races of the world his brothers and sisters, rather than his own people, and is easy prey. The Semitic doctrine of Judeo- Christianity embraces universalism and cultural Marxism rather than European meritocracy and tribalism.

The ultimate aim is to turn Nordic folk against one another and divide their loyalty, making them ineffective at protecting themselves, their children, and tribe. Jews love the idea of the two racial groups they seek to destroy, Arabs and European heritage Whites, killing each other while they sit back and rake in the profits from the wars they have orchestrated. If you want to know who orchestrated the largest White genocides in history, the Brother Wars, also known as WWII, see here.

And now for anti-racist Hitler, which hopefully has been put into context.

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  1. Randall Tillotson - February 3, 2016 at 7:07 pm Reply

    I live in a small community in the South, the area known as “The Bible Belt.” I moved here from California seven years ago. I’ve tried and tried to find a way to find a sliver of an opening to warn these people of the dangers of the Jews, but they won’t have it. Their evangelical Baptism tells them that the Jews are God’s Chosen People, and that they must do everything in their power to protect them (This is how their leaders have interpreted the Christian bible). I even tried to temper it by telling them that they are not real Jews but Khazars that converted. No, they won’t have that either. It enrages them when you challenge their brainwashing. As much as these are my people, white Celts from Ireland (Scots/Irish folk), I don’t see how I can continue to live among people that absolutely refuse to see the tiger about to tear them to pieces. It may be that I have to leave them to their fate, people that will be eliminated in the big picture that are incapable of protecting themselves.

    Some say that the ignorant need to be left alone to die off, so that they don’t reproduce, if we can’t turn them to face reality. Maybe so. I’m now forced to do that, which is a form of triage: don’t treat those that will die even if they are treated; treat those that will live with treatment; get to those that will live without treatment when you have time. We are in a war, a silent war but still a vicious war. Triage is one technique that we must employ if we are to stay sane and save those that we can save–those that want to live beyond their own lifespan via their children and grandchildren and continue the race.

    I think of all the impossible to count ancestors that are likely watching me and are literally in me. They are mute, frustrated, angry as they look through my eyes, hear with my ears, feel with my body, so I have to be their champion, their voice. I have no way of knowing how many ice ages occurred that my relatives survived and are existing within me. My people go back hundreds of thousands of years, and I’m here, now, today, alive, and so are they within me. If I could bend the horizon of time so that I could look back and ride a laser across to the beginning, I’m sure I’d be astonished as I passed all my family along this long road. They would be pleading with me as I raced by: “DON’T GIVE UP! YOU MUST LIVE, FIGHT, AND SAVE OUR PEOPLE!! WE’RE COUNTING ON YOU!” I won’t ever let them down, ever. They’re my family. I have a sacred obligation.

    There is a reason why you, I, and all the rest of us that are aware are alive right now at this time in history. None of this is an accident. The Norns chose us, today, in this time and in this place, because we have this burden that we must bear for our people. We have been chosen because in their wisdom, they can see that we are strong and can carry the load.

    This may be the Nordic/Germanic final battle. If so, I pray that the Gods instil bravery within me, so that I enter Valhalla with my head held high and not ensnared by one regret, knowing I did my part. That’s all any of us can do, our part.

    • Odinia - March 25, 2016 at 8:35 pm Reply

      Dear Randall,
      Thank you for your comment. You are right. Those who cannot love, or even identify with, their own people may indeed be beyond our help. I know exactly what you mean. I thank the Gods that there are yet some men like you in the world. Thank you for standing up for our folk. Yes, this is a war, and one day I hope we shall with this war, and be free! You may enjoy these Odinist videos if you have not seen them. Here is a playlist. Get in touch if you would like to be a member and help us spread knowledge of our real native religion. I would be delighted if you were involved. Contact details on our main website

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