Setting a Course to Lindisfarne…The USS Liberty…NEVER FORGET…

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The Betrayal of our Military Men by the Jewish Occupied U.S. Government...
The Betrayal of our Military Men by the Jewish Occupied U.S. Government…


Lindisfarne Day is a battle with a cheerful ending.. a celebration of a time when our people were ably defending ourselves from repeated Christian assaults… The cowardly Christians robbed and committed mass genocides against their own people for the sake of a Jewish “god”, but even more so for money and power. What is not often mentioned is that the Jew-Christians and their collaborators stored their ill- gotten gain from the genocides they committed against their brothers in remote places, such as Lindisfarne island, which is, of course, one of the reasons Vikings stormed it.

Christians did not convert anyone on the basis of a “superior religion” as is so often claimed. In fact, considering that Christianity had no original content at all, apart from cultural Marxism, semitocentrism, and Jewish supremacism, but parasited all our native traditions, perverted them, and adopted them for its own agenda, it cannot truly even be considered a genuine religion.

This forced conversion was certainly not a peaceful attempt as is so often said.. Pagans did allow the preaching of Christians, but when none were convinced or converted by these means, genocide was resorted to.  For example, in Saxony, practicing Odinism was outlawed on pain of death and not practicing the foreign Jewish religion was also punished by death. Heathen temples were stolen and converted or destroyed, and holy trees and groves cut down, and Jew worshiping centers put over them to violate our sacred sites. Followers of the foreign religion seized land and property and expelled the men of European families in huge numbers so their women and children would be defenseless. Whole families and entire villages of those who clung fast to our own people and Gods were butchered.

This glorious and well deserved response to these traitorous Christian murderers and thieves that rained down upon Lindisfarne was not immediate, but it came, and it was the beginning of the resistance to a tyranny of thought control that had never been seen in Europe before Semites and their parasitical Marxist “religion” reached our shores.

In 793, 1222 years ago today, the Anglo Saxon Chronicle records…

In this year, fierce, foreboding and omens came over the land of the Northumbrians, and the wretched people shook; there were excessive whirlwinds, lightning, and fiery dragons were seen flying in the sky. These signs were followed by great famine, and a little after those, that same year on 6th ides of January [1]  the harrowing inroads of Heathen men made lamentable havoc in the church of God in Holy island, by rapine and slaughter.

Clearly this was a response to the theft from and killing of European people and the desecration of our holy temples and sacred sites by those who hated our people and Gods. Alcuin, a Northumbrian scholar in Charlemagne’s court at the time, wrote [2] :

Never before has such terror appeared in Britain as we have now suffered from a Pagan race. . . .The Heathens poured out the blood of saints around the altar, and trampled on the bodies of saints in the temple of God, like dung in the streets.

The Jew-Christians and their European collaborators, such as the illiterate, and reportedly illegitimate, Charlemagne, were an anti-European plague; they were invaders, not innocent people trying to protect their own ancestral lands as their victims were. At the time of the raid on Lindisfarne, Charlemagne had destroyed European sacred sites and temples and had recently genocided 2/3rds of the Saxons for not bowing down to a false foreign Semitic “god”, and Christians were attacking Scandinavian lands as well, so it can hardly be said that the Vikings were the aggressors as is so often and so dishonestly put forward by “historians”. The Lindisfarne raid was a good and wholesome resistance to pure evil, and we ourselves must carry that torch handed to us by our ancestors on to victory.

Countering anti-European historical lies and omissions made by Jews and Jew- Christians starts here.
Countering anti-European historical lies and omissions made by Jews and Jew- Christians starts here.

Somewhat ironically, Lindisfarne Day is also the date of a manipulative one- sided, dishonorable attack in which the enemies of our folk (who falsely presented themselves as “allies” and still do to this day…. ), sought to engage the United States in a war against Egypt, through deception. The intention was to use America and its people as cannon fodder and for funding to aid in Israeli war aims… Other false flags include the Lavon Affair, the King David Hotel bombing, and 9 11, all Israeli attacks that were blamed upon “Arabs” as well, that is, until the truth became overwhelmingly evident. There are so many false flag attacks that one could write a book on it, but for today there is only one that concerns us.. for it is the anniversary of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty.

Mossad's Motto
Mossad’s Motto

It is odd to think of just how extended a metaphor that phrase… “Israeli attack on Liberty” has become…. and how similar it is to the wanton and underhanded destruction of European freedom that the Jew-Christians first brought to Europe, undoubtedly by design.  In America, from the terrible day of the attack on The Liberty, 48 years ago, and even long before, Jews and Israel have eroded and destroyed every basic liberty and human right we possess to the best of their ability. They are behind all the anti-free speech rights and anti-gun rights movements, and have orchestrated all mass non-European immigration to European heritage countries . Clearly this occupied government enforced invasion is intended to ravage and racially replace our European folk. They plan to do far worse if they can get away with it… up to and including the complete enslavement, then genocide, of our entire race.

Of all the possible outcomes of this present battle, good or bad, that I can imagine….  there is one that I find more horrifying than any other… the most shameful thing that could ever happen is that we not even fight. 

Zio-sheeple jumping off a cliff so as not to appear "racist". Notice that they are White.
Zio-sheeple jumping off a cliff so as not to appear “racist”. Notice that they are White.

Such sheepitude is the  enforced temper of the day… “love everyone no matter what”… we are told….”be tolerant”… “don’t be a ‘hater’ “… and all of this effusive tribal destruction is supposed to be more important even than the survival of one’s own people, at least for European ancestry people. There is so much of this dishonorable sheepish mumbling promoted in our Jewish occupied countries that there is barely any effort to examine the actual meaning of it. This character and sanity- bending deviant Jewish patter has become so ubiquitous as to be like background noise, but its destructive capability is great.

Nevertheless, everyone but the most brainwashed of Europeans knows in some part of his or her more natural instincts, that one’s heart should be with one’s own beloved Ancestors and tribe, that responsibility is more important than self indulgence, and that honor demands a high penalty for a great offense. Forgiving one’s enemy is nothing more than the cowardly act of those lulled into zombie-hood, because often one’s enemy will, by means of such passive cooperation, simply be encouraged to do greater harm to one’s family and tribe.

Let us homosexual scout leaders, adopters, and other gay predators rape the bodies and pervert the minds of your tribe's children, or be demonized as a hater!
Let us homosexual scout leaders, adopters, and other gay predators rape the bodies and pervert the minds of your tribe’s children, or be demonized as a hater!

Those who call themselves “tolerant” even though they actually are deceitful and intolerant Marxists, do not generally love anyone or anything, apart from their own image and advantage. In the Jewish modern sense, “tolerance” can be defined as “a White person willing to accept abuse from other races without taking vengeance”. Such tolerant folks often are actually passive cowards looking for some way to escape dealing with reality and avoid doing what they know they should do. Having not even the most basic loyalty to family and tribe, they seek to fit in with those who oppress us. We are encouraged to think only of ourselves and of the present moment, and not even consider the interests and benefit of our families much less our tribe and race… but in doing so we are forgetting that we ARE our tribe and race.

We cannot and should not “love everyone” because anyone who does this loves no one. People who see what is happening and yet do nothing about those who harm our families and tribe, do not love their family and tribe, or their own descendants, whom they are responsible for. In fact, the intensity of the action we take is a direct measure of our love for our dear ones, just as a lack of action clearly demonstrates a lack of concern. And so it is that those commonly now called “haters”, may indeed feel righteous anger when appropriate, but they actually love most.

Without hate, one cannot truly love...
Without hate, one cannot truly love…

Jews often badger me, sometimes for hours, asking what I think should “happen to the Jews”  presumably in regard to their monstrous crimes. This is at least an honest concern for once because Jews generally care only about Jews, but they ask questions to this effect in an attempt to entrap me into saying something they can use to silence me from and keep me from telling the truth about what they have done and are doing. .

As the Self-Chosen people, Jews tend to think that other races should be blamed for their crimes and pay for them, for example Arabs and Europeans, especially Germans, and in fact, if you confront one with the reality of a situation they will generally attempt to distract one by mentioning such things as crimes of Arabs or even gypsies. If they are repressing free speech or burning books they will say that Arabs are doing it, and if they are committing a genocide they always blame it on their victims and falsely suggest that they themselves are being persecuted and are victims.. They then use their 97% Jewish owned global media to reinforce these ridiculously false suggestions by endless repetition.

Free speech... (-;
Free speech… (-;

In answer to their question, Jews should be brought to account for their crimes and no longer be allowed to profit from them with impunity at the expense of others. Ideally, any judgement or penalty against them should be in accordance with the same sort of  “moral” standards as in their own highest authority, the Talmud, or possibly even more serious standards, since, after all, those they have preyed upon had done nothing to them apart from existing and not being Jewish. The Talmud is not just some sort of esoteric work which is never acted upon. Jews act out their idea of how other races should be treated with the Talmud as their authority all the time… and they should be given, at the very least, the same measure of quarter, the same exact level of “justice” and “mercy” that they have shown to their victims…

I have actually been told by Christians, based on that oh so convenient Jewish- made book, the bible, that to hold Jews convicted or found guilty of crimes to the same standards and carry out the same penalties that they inflict upon others would. “make us no better than they are”. I suggest to those who say this that they tell that to the small children who were gang raped to death in WWII on the orders of Jewish leaders of the Red Army, or to the 15 million people of Holodomor who were viciously and slowly starved to death by Jews so that they could acquire their land, and then there are the hordes of non Europeans, starting with the Black Africans brought by Jewish owned slave ships to American shores…

Apparently, we evil "White Supremacist Nazi Haters" are exploiting this story by wanting it to mentioned in the news, even though the victims are White. In case you have not noticed yet, making note of any reality that is not politically correct is "racist"
Apparently, we evil “White Supremacist Nazi Haters” are exploiting the Christian-Newsom story by wanting it to mentioned in the news, even though the victims are White. In case you have not noticed yet, making note of any reality that is not politically correct is “racist”

The Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom case has not been covered in the mainstream  media, and the surviving documentaries concentrate on pointing out that anyone who says it is a Black- on- White hate crime, or even that there could be such a thing a racist Blacks, are “White supremacist” haters and “Nazis” etc. Never mind the fact that Blacks are 200 times more likely to commit violent assaults against Whites than the reverse [3]  . It is actually standard procedure in some US states to have surviving victims of rape by Blacks, a very large demographic indeed  [4] ,  seek counseling where they are specifically programmed, at tax payer expense, to believe that “race had nothing to do with it”.

The White teenage couple in this case were both raped, tortured, and sexually mutilated. The boy was killed by being set on fire, while the girl was left to suffocate to death for two days in a trash can after having had bleach poured down her throat and on her genitals in order to destroy evidence. Thanks to Christianity, the Christians and Newsoms actually think they should forgive the monsters who committed these crimes against their children, rather than torture them to death.

No... these can't be haters, they are Black!
No… these can’t be “haters”, they are Black!

The heavily Christianized version of a documentary where the family talked about their Christian faith has been taken off by the Zionists who made it, presumably because it made Christianity look like exactly what it is. They even had a gruesome portrait that showed an extremely Jewish looking Jesus hovering over the young couple who were led to their death by this Jewish created religion. It was painful to watch, as is even the footage that is still left. The father of the girl who slowly suffocated in a rubbish bin, wrapped in five trash bags and died with her eyes open remembers how she used to sit on his lap and put her arms around him and call him “Daddy”, something  he says he can still feel her doing when his eyes are closed. He goes on to say..

“When I open them, I got a rage in me you wouldn’t believe, a hate in me that aint normal”.

Not “normal”, Mr. Christian… Really?

Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom
Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom

Despite all the persistent sheepification, I do believe that a backlash by our folk is inevitable and perhaps on its way…and I look forward to the awakening. It took the sons of Ragnar time to gather the Great Heathen Army to blood eagle King Ælla and lay waste to  his kingdom in vengeance for the death of their father… After the Saxon genocides and attacks on Scandinavia, it also took the Norsemen time to rally their forces and attack Lindisfarne, the treasure trove of the barbarous Christians, but they did it, and brought such a terror to the anti European traitors and their abomination of a “religion” as had never been seen.

Pamplet given to young children in public schools in America.
Pamplet given to young children in public schools in America.

Will European American men and women and others of European ancestry worldwide come to a point where they want their honor and freedom back? Will they be “tolerant” to every sort of Jewish perversion, or will a time come  when they are sick of their children being given pamphlets like the one above in public schools? Will they ever know of, or avenge, the Israeli attack on 9-11, done by traitors in the US government in cooperation with Mossad?  And what about the heroic men of the USS Liberty? Will they receive justice and recognition and finally be avenged, or will they remain faceless “goyim” victims whose names will forever be lost to history, covered up and forgotten, on the orders of Jews?

I would guess offhand that most people have never even heard of the USS Liberty…any more than they have heard of Lazar Kaganovitch, the Jew who killed as many as 15 million Europeans at Holodomor. We only hear the narratives Jews want us to at the moment, but the Jews are not going to be able to stop the truth coming out this time. They think they are in control of everything but there are forces far beyond their control, and the voices of their victims cry out for justice so loudly that they are beginning to be heard..

The Attack on the Liberty by our ally, Israel, carried out with the full cooperation of the US government.
The Attack on the Liberty by our “ally”, Israel, carried out with the full cooperation of the US government.

In 1967, my mother, who saw news of the USS Liberty being attacked, with very little information given, read between the lines and thought that Israel had attacked the ship. She requested further information using the Freedom of Information Act, and received  documents with virtually every line redacted, but she made a case against Israel and a presentation on the topic for her history class anyway. Many years later, I saw these almost unbelievably uninformative “freedom of information” documents crossed out with heavy black marker to the point where  they were almost entirely unreadable. In some ways, they were more instructive than if they had not been almost completely covered up.

To this day, the censorship by the clearly Israeli occupied American government continues.. although it has become far more serious as our government has become increasingly more controlled by Jews and Israel. Now, the situation has become so extreme that in violation of every natural law of national sovereignty, dual Israeli citizens openly control our country and use our resources and military for the benefit of Israel. Not only is approx. 97% of the world’s media Jewish- owned, but as you can see below, our primarily Jewish owned social media, in this case Facebook, did not even allow me to make a post about the USS Liberty.

The Cover-up of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty and its men continues even today.
The Cover-up of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty and its men continues even today.

If you are an American, the USS Liberty was our ship and our own people its crew and yet you will not read the truth about it in any textbook. In this assault, 34 of our servicemen were killed, and 174 injured in an ultra- violent, unprovoked attack by Israel.

Communications were immediately targeted, so as to make sure that no one could call for help. This attack, on a single ship, was made by no less than 3 fighter jets and 3 torpedo ships… It was carried out at 2 PM on a clear sunny day . This vessel had an American flag clearly flying as identification and was in international waters. The aim was certainly to sink the ship as quickly as possible and kill all aboard leaving no witnesses. Casualties and injuries amounted to 2/3rds of the crew, and as is usual with Israel, the Geneva convention was violated and war crimes committed. Even the life rafts of the survivors were strafed.

Murderous Attack on American Research Vessel, the USS Liberty with cooperation of Occupied US government...
Murderous Attack on American Research Vessel, the USS Liberty with cooperation of Occupied US government…

Nothing has changed in regard to Israel’s behavior since then. For example, in recent years, an unarmed civilian humanitarian vessel with aid for Gaza was attacked by Israel, also in international waters. An American citizen died in this attack,  but of course it was almost completely ignored by the controlled American media, and government, just as the murders of the military men of the USS Liberty by our “ally” Israel were ignored. After all, the victims of the Liberty attack were of European ancestry, and anyone who is not Jewish is considered expendable…

How strange, considering all this, that virtually every bought politician we have has at some time referred to Israel as “our only ally in the Middle East”. As I often point out, being used by Israel and being an ally of Israel are not the same thing. In addition to this, the fact of the matter is that in order to be an ally officially, a country has to define its boundaries, and Israel does not want to have any boundaries since it wants Eretz Israel, so it has never officially been our ally.

It was apparently thought that if the Liberty were sunk, that it could be blamed upon Egypt, and probably this was the main point of the exercise… furnishing an excuse for war between the US and Egypt, much as was accomplished with the Mossad and Jewish occupied government attack on the World Trade Center on 9-11.

However, thanks to one brave man who crawled out on the napalm- covered deck to repair communications, it became too risky for Israel to finish our servicemen off entirely, and the Liberty did not sink, and so there were survivors and witnesses. It is abundantly clear that the United States government itself was involved, again, just as is the case with 9-11. When our forces started to mobilize to protect the Liberty when it was attacked, both McNamara, the Secretary of “Defense”, and President Johnson ordered them to turn back TWICE. Many of our men still could have been saved if they had been defended by our forces, but President Johnson said he did not want to “embarrass our ally”

In the video below, McCain calls a representative of the men of the USS Liberty a “jerk” for standing up for our fallen sailors, who were betrayed by our own government and murdered by Israel, and he does this on Memorial Day. This disgusting traitor insults our own fallen countrymen, while a crowd of mindless sheep who could not care less about them but are pretending to be “patriotic”, tries to shout down the only brave man who is truly honoring our dead, while cheering for cowardly traitors.

There is no such thing as journalism anymore. These people are whores to Israel. The female one actually says, “The goal of the day was to honor those who this day was meant to commemorate.” This does not include the men of the U.S.S. Liberty apparently.

Short Video about Israeli Attack on the Liberty.

Mentioned in the video above, Walt Whitman Rostow, our "national security" adviser during the Israeli attack. Needless, to say, he is not "Irish"
Mentioned in the video above, Walt Whitman Rostow, our “national security” adviser during the Israeli attack. Needless, to say, he is not “Irish”

Here is an account in the words of the men themselves.

Personal Accounts of Navy Survivors of Viscous Attack on U.S. Ship by Israel

Full Length Loss of Liberty Documentary

As I alluded to above, there is a third explanation not mentioned in the video.  Had Israel managed to destroy the USS Liberty before it could get word out about who was attacking, which clearly was their intention, then this could have been blamed upon the Egyptians and used as a pretext to bring the US into a war against Egypt for Israel.

This was just one of a series of Israeli false flag operations, all of which were intended to be blamed on Arabs, such as the Lavon Affair (American targets bombed by Israel operatives initially blamed on “Arab terrorists”), the King David Hotel Bombing (English targets bombed by Israeli terrorists dressed as Arabs) and 9-11, in which a controlled demolition was initiated by a cooperative effort between Mossad and traitors in our own government, including dual Israeli citizens as “investigators”… all meant to provide an excuse to embroil the US in Middle Eastern wars for Israel . Mossad’s motto. “By deception shall we do war”.

Treasonous collaboration: Israeli control of the United States

Facebook has removed information about the USS Liberty more than once, but they are hardly the only agency to do this. The surviving men themselves were threatened with court martial if they told about this Israeli act of war on the United States and the shameful way the US government cooperated with the murder of their comrades. Even an American Christian choir master, who appears to be of partly Jewish descent, deleted a post I made about the USS Liberty, the same post that ZOG-Google later ripped off along with an entire blog site. “Americans” have actually told me that the USS Liberty should not have been conducting surveillance, and that our ship “deserved” to be blown up by Israel, no doubt with armaments we gave them…and that the crew of the Liberty were “stupid”.

In testimony to the hope of regained strength, tribal honor, and freedom, I quote Rudyard Kipling’s poem,”The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon” below, in hopes of witnessing exactly what he is talking about first hand. He is right in saying we are a naturally kind, generous, and compassionate people, but in the future,  we now know that such compassion must only be extended to our own folk. Just because we are the only race capable of feeling compassion for those of other races, virtually all of whom hate and envy us, does not mean we should… because if we back and support those who hate us, we doom our own tribe to extinction. There is nothing “good” about betraying one’s own folk. It is the greatest evil imaginable.

Was it worth it?
Was it worth it?

“The Wrath of the Awakened Saxons”…by Rudyard Kipling

It was not part of their blood,
It came to them very late,
With long arrears to make good,
When the Saxon began to hate.
They were not easily moved,
They were icy — willing to wait
Till every count should be proved,
Ere the Saxon began to hate.
Their voices were even and low.
Their eyes were level and straight.
There was neither sign nor show
When the Saxon began to hate.
It was not preached to the crowd.
It was not taught by the state.
No man spoke it aloud
When the Saxon began to hate.
It was not suddenly bred.
It will not swiftly abate.
Through the chilled years ahead,
When Time shall count from the date
That the Saxon began to hate.
One of Rudyard Kipling's beautiful swastika book covers.
One of Rudyard Kipling’s beautiful swastika book covers.

May the time come soon when all eyes are opened… when all people see the truth…I see it happening already… Meanwhile, keep speaking, keep calling traitors WHAT THEY ARE and do not give up.

Today as Odinists, from all over the world, we should remember our brothers…the men of the USS Liberty who were attacked by Israel in 1967 on this day… 174 injured, 34 dead… Never forget.

May we free ourselves SOON.


  1. The generally accepted date for the Viking raid on Lindisfarne is in fact 8 June;  Michael Swanton writes: “vi id Ianr, presumably [is] an error for vi id Iun (8 June) which is the date given by the Annals of Lindisfarne (p. 505), when better sailing weather would favour coastal raids ^
  2.  Killeen 2012 p. 30  ^
  3.  ^
  4. ^
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