Risorgimento… Freyja Hof’s Muse II, ZOG-Google, and Beekeeping


May we rise, whole and unified, with the fiery spirit of the Phoenix
May we rise, whole and unified, with the fiery spirit of the Phoenix


Six days ago, on the 15th of August, 2014, our original Freyjahof Odinist Temple website, a simple religious site set up several years ago, which stated such dangerous facts as the dates of our events, and had pictures blonde girls in native European clothing, historic Viking ships, and families engaged in European Renaissance court dancing, which must clearly have been very “racist”, was deleted. It was removed as “hate” by Google. Coincidentally, at the exact same time, our even more longstanding and popular Odinist blog, Freyja Hof’s Muse, was removed as “spam”. Google’s definition of spam is a site with nonsense words, and there was nothing remotely like this on our blog, which had all original articles, and yet this apparently did not stop Google from removing it, because Nordic religion is “hate” or “spam”, whether it is or not.

I first noticed the Freyja Hof’s Muse blog was censored after having shared one of its posts on the religious content of the Jewish Talmud, which presumably was the  impetus for the censorship, since it contained Jewish religious quotes demonstrating hatred of other races by Jews. Apparently, my objecting to the actual genocides committed by Jews of those who are not Jewish, genocides condoned based on religious precepts of Judaism, is just not acceptable to Zog-Google. When I later tried to post a link about the Israeli attack upon the U.S.S. Liberty, which related facts about this murderous assault by Jews upon our military men, I found my blog had been deleted.. Mentioning  Jewish crime, or cover-up of Jewish crime by Jewish occupied governments and media, is considered highly “anti-Semitic”,  even though some of the victims of these crimes are Arabs, who are Semites.

In the Jewish mindset and in their standard practice, which can best be described as social terrorism, none of us “goyim” (human cattle) are allowed to practice any religions that are not the product of semitocentrism and Jewish supremacism, not if we are of European heritage. Nor are we allowed to have any emotions Zionists do not want us to have, or to even consider feeling any emotions not pre- approved by Jews. For example, only the Chosen People are allowed to hate, and they are pretty good at it[1]

Not only are we not allowed to practice our own native religion, for us to even wish not to be marginalized, forcibly replaced in our own countries by other races, or genocided, is out of bounds too, because that would be “racist”. If you do not know what I am talking about, you may wish to read some of the deleted articles from Freyjahof’s Muse as I restore them here in upcoming months. As Odinists who wish to practice our native religion regardless, and dare to stand against Jewish oppression, this is far from the first act of unwarranted and biased censorship we have experienced. For example, both the U.S. Army and the National Park System, as well as the newspapers and online event services here in Hawaii, refused to advertise our events, because practicing the native European ancestral religion is considered “racist”[2]

One would not have to look very far to see many non- Europeans practicing their own native religion with impunity, for example, Shinto, another tribal ancestral religion much like ours, is not considered in the least racist, and they are not harassed in any way, but this is because they are Asian, not European. We all know that Europeans are “ evil haters” because the 97 percent Jewish owned media tells us so, so very often. On Google blogs, we recorded many examples of non-European people who unabashedly loved their own native culture and religion, and who experienced the world from the point of view of their own tribe, and whose blogs, strangely, were still up.

Ironically, one of the most egregious examples of real racism in the form of anti-European bias on Google was found on the page of the Chairman of Google himself, Eric Schmidt. It would seem that Mr. Schmidt’s page is devoted to the Jewish “holocaust” and he is even pushing for donations for promoting the religion of Holocaust [3] Mr. Schmidt is, in fact, listed as one of the top ten gentiles to be useful to Jews. He is either a crypto Jew himself or a Jewish tool [4]

After I made a comment on his page about some rather extreme historical inaccuracies that might be deemed anti-European, a “beekeeper” came into the picture. I first had the somewhat dubious pleasure of encountering beekeepers several years ago on Facebook when I observed them spreading Zionist propaganda and viciously attacking and threatening anyone who told the truth. They began attacking me when I suggested that their crazed demands for the US to attack the Kingdom of Jordan so Israel could acquire more land, were not in the national interests of the US, not to mention uncalled for. At this point, I made an exceedingly mild historic post about the actual history of Palestine and of terrorism in the Middle East, which alluded to the Jewish bombing of the King David Hotel, but was entirely neutral. This is when the death threats began.

I soon noticed that these ZOG operatives all had bees on their profiles, or beekeeping listed on their activities, etc. and I soon saw what it meant. We are the bees, and they are feeding off of us with the illegal, unconstitutional Federal Reserve and similar banks all over the world, managing and micromanaging us, promoting Jewish aims and propaganda to guide the bees, and silencing anyone who resists their tyranny in any way possible, with no moral boundaries whatsoever involved.

As I began to resist the foul attacks and find out more, I began to post albums about free speech, Marxism, Christian Zionism, and the true history of Palestine. All three of my albums on Marxist Zionism, history, and current events, which had no terms of service violations or anything even close to them, were removed, as was a highly pacifistic and philosophical group opposed to the precepts of Christian Zionism. My account itself was removed, and I was accused of inciting hatred and violence, and being the leader of a violent organization even though, yet again, I had done nothing even remotely resembling this.

Before these events, I did mention beekeeping to the beekeepers themselves. Apparently, I was one of the only people ever to notice the beekeeping code, because when I confronted them with it, they went insane (even for them) and some 30 Jews attacked me, and harangued all my facebook friends, online for a week, demanding that my two thousand plus friends defriend me or lose their job etc.

I was treated to crude comments about how they would rub excrement on my face, or rape me to death, how I was a white trailor trash slut who wanted to sleep with my uncle, and how I must be angry at Jews because I must have been ditched by a Jewish boy, only in far fouler terms than this. There were also ravings about what the Jewish “god” would do to me. My picture, along with messages calling me a “Nazi whore”, and speculation upon whether I was “German” or not, was posted at least a thousand times as a result, and approx. 30 people did defriend me, but 60 friended me.

Most interesting of all, ALL the bee references suddenly disappeared right after I mentioned it, especially quickly in the case of the upper echelon beekeepers, and a private group I made with no members, just to catalogue the horrors I came across for myself, called “The Resistance” is gone as well of course. For watching Zionists, I do indeed still know who many of you are, and the next time I am accused of inciting revolution against your criminal and treasonous take-over of governments, banking, and media, I intend to be guilty.

Many bee references have returned since then, because, after all, I am only one person and it’s just too good a joke not to use, so I was not surprised when the person attacking me in this exchange below had a honey cover picture. Zionists also have certain English and Celtic sounding names they use, particular ones, such as Cook and Smith.. as well as a few other codes and in- jokes which I am not going to use here because they are useful for recognizing them. I encourage you to pay attention, and you will easily be able to see these monstrous trolls for what they really are too.

Beekeeper Cover Photo


This particular Zionist, Eric Schmidt, has posts about the Holohoax and about climate change being man- made all over his google profile. He writes about how “evil” and “savage” Nazis are in one of the Holohoax posts… My comments responding to this with facts were made invisible, had parts of them removed, etc. If you do not know the truth about the Jewish version of the Holocaust and its veracity yet, you may wish to take a few moments to read the article they tried to obscure in the thread below, “What are Values“.

Eric Schmidt

Shared publicly  –  Jun 5, 2014

Seventy years later, Auschwitz and Birkenau are haunting to everyone who visits.  In Southern Poland near Krakow, and now surrounded by modern Europe, is a reminder of how truly savage people can be and how evil the Nazis were.  Nothing prepares you for the reality of being there, even though all of us know most of the details from film and school and our religions.    I went after reading Viktor Frankl’s book “Man’s Search for Meaning” about life in the camp, well worth the read.

Auschwitz was based in a military barracks, and became an extermination camp between 1941-1945.  Birkenau, nearby, was added and is much bigger.  At least 1.1 Million people were murdered here, and it is almost certainly the largest place of death on earth.   The relatively few who were in the camps were treated in the ways we know: no food, constant work, constant illness and death.

To stand at the end of the train line, next to the (now destroyed) Crematorium, where people exited the train and were gassed and burnt in ovens within 100 meters, is not something I will ever forget.

I left the visit with only one hope:  that the modern connectivity and connected world we live in would detect this type of monstrous act much earlier, and future generations will make sure this never happens again. “The Internet has been this miraculous conduit to the undeniable truth to the Holocaust.” — Steven Spielberg A great place to donate your money for preservation and education is http://www.preservememory.org/ Show less

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Jun 5, 2014
Please,Help! Help Chinese Google users, We also need the Internet! Please Help us, Thanks Google, Thanks +Eric Schmidt
Jun 5, 2014
It’s frightening that governments around the world are trying different methods of silencing the free communication provided by the internet.
Jun 5, 2014
I recently did an awareness campaign on the Holocaust +Eric Schmidt and although I myself was aware of events surrounding the Holocaust, I learned so much about the extent of the horrendous things that went on, it really is incredible to think that such an unimaginable event happened not so very long ago.

Abner shi

Jun 5, 2014

In recent days time, We cannot use any Google product, Even a Google search, Has been nearly a week, and today is still the case, Every day we are in a very difficult through a variety of techniques to use Google products, Because we like the Internet, like the day together with Google.We are convinced that, Google is the real Internet, We need the Internet, I begged Google can help us, So that we can have a real Internet, Thanks again +Google +Eric Schmidt

Wayne Humfleet

Jun 5, 2014

I visited Bergen-Belson even I lived in Germany. It was haunting even if none of the structures still existed. The mounds of mass graves were enough.

Dalt Wisney

Jun 5, 2014

I can’t believe that people deny that the holocaust ever happened. And to know that we have ever more war and sectarian violence today. smh.

Tarik Ahmia

Jun 5, 2014

Unfortunately, although in smaller scale, the world community does still seem to be incapable of stopping the most incredible mass slaughters of innocent people  around the world – be it in Yugoslavia, Ruwanda, South Sudan or Syria. Technology only helps us so far to know pretty soon what’s going on. However,  sadly, I cannot see that it will stop human madness.

john gury

Jun 6, 2014

+Tarik Ahmia The Cambodian genocide was of a comparable scale to the genocides of  WWII if not even more extreme. So yes, the world is still incapable of stopping them and we should expect even worse.

Tarik Ahmia

Jun 7, 2014

+john gury ,  I must say, unfortunaltely, you are right. I am afraid that humankind will continue to be prone to unimaginable massacres as long as they stay prone to intolerant ideologies that come in politicial or religious disguises.

Amy Selwyn

Jun 11, 2014

I recently returned from Auschwitz/Birkenau. Here is my piece on my thoughts. I published it in Medium: https://medium.com/black-and-white/3650168237bb

john gury

Jun 11, 2014

+Tarik Ahmia In that regard a more interesting post WWII realization is that of the banality of evil. That is, something on this scale requires the participation and motivation of very ordinary people. The caricature of Hitler as a madman holding all Germany under his demonic spell is just that. Similarly the Nazis as uniquely evil is obviously not the case either. This is also one of the many conclusions in the Zimbardo prison experiment as well as further studies on the psychology of torture and genocide. So this is not just Hannah Arendt musing about Eichmann or my own explanations. What they still teach in PC US education about this is completely ridiculous and you see it repeated along with the typical upset when you point it out.

Bonnie Burns

Jun 16, 2014

I have only one thing on my bucket list. A visit to Auschwitz/Birkenau and other death camps. Ever since our Temple Sunday school class started teaching about the holocaust, I could never get enough information. When I was in 11th grade, my dad asked what I wanted to be, I said a Nazi hunter. This is a passion of mine…the study, the reading, the volunteer work and everything related to Holocaust studies. Your article touched me. I look forward to my own trip one day too.

Amy Selwyn

Jun 16, 2014

All I can say to that, Bonnie, is YES. It is a life-changing experience. Devastating, of course. And also incredibly important. A reminder of how precious freedom is and how it must be safeguarded. And a reminder of what truly matters in life. And it sure as hell isn’t whatever was occupying my mind over the last six hours. I wish you the best and hope you get to go soon.

Walter Di Meo

Jul 28, 2014

+Eric Schmidt Senti coglione ,Ti ho detto :tu non mi conosci affatto.La devi smettere di rompere il cazzo alla gente,Se non vuoi finire male.Non ci sara’ guardia del corpo a poterti difendere.Scommetto che non sai nemmeno maneggiare una pistola ad acqua,Ora te lo giuro su mio padre.Compreso?!!!!
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Walter Di Meo

Jul 28, 2014

+Eric Schmidt Allora non capisci .Aspetta e vedrai !!!!

(This comment was made invisible to all but me by Schmidt or the beekeeper)

Aug 17, 2014

Hi. This is not factual. It has been established by Jewish historian David Cole, and by the Leuchter report,  and personal admissions of the managers themselves, in taped interviews  that Aushwitz was altered by Soviets, really quite ludicrously. No Jews or any other people were ever gassed there, thankfully, although certainly many did die from typhus. It is not scientifically possible to gas someone and leave no zyklon b trace and if that many people were gassed it would have taken until the 1980s. This is an admitted hoax, along the same lines as the lampshades made of skin. Presenting war propaganda as fact is not really appropriate, in fact it might even be considered anti-European and  racial incitement to create hatred against Europeans.. in this case, very much unjustified hatred. https://odinia.org/what-are-values/

Danaë A’synja

 (This comment was left public but had the hashtag #racism deleted by the beekeeper)

Aug 17, 2014

Are you actually saying Germans are evil in a thinly disguised way, Mr. Schmidt? Because I never said Jews were evil in my European religious blog with all original articles, and yet it was called spam.. Why is that? Shouldn’t you delete your own account, which seems to have so much talk about Jewish genocide if your employees delete me for being against  genocide of Europeans? I am apparently not allowed to talk about European Jewish orchestrated genocides like Holodomor, in which 15 million Russians were killed by a Jew named Lazar Kaganovitch, because I suppose evil Europeans “deserve” to be exterminated… but when Jews genocide Russians, Germans, and Palestinians, that is ok because they are the Chosen People. Is that the thinking behind this? Hypocrisy does not even begin to cover it.

Danaë A’synja

Yesterday 9:20 AM

First of two comments above with this link included https://odinia.org/what-are-values/ made last night by me is now invisible to anyone but me when I am signed on and racism hashtag removed from second comment. Both comments were made publically. How strange. This is recorded, both before and after, with witnesses, Mr. Schmidt. You need to stop applying your policies with accommodation discrimination and you need to ensure that our wrongly deleted European religious blog and website are restored, and that your policy is applied with equality and fairness to both Europeans and non Europeans henceforth. Otherwise, I would like the address of your legal department. Let’s add a new, apparently even more relevant, hashtag. You can delete this one if you like too.    #jewishsupremacism

john gury

Yesterday 10:01 AM

(in steps the beekeeper with the honey picture shown above as his cover photo)
+Danaë A’synja They deleted your content because you are a vile, semi-literate nutjob for one thing. And yes, +Eric Schmidt closely follows everything written here, especially if I am doing it since I am always right and know what is best for him and the rest of Google – which is the only reason I have singled you out.

Yesterday 11:59 AM

They did not delete my comment,  but without notice, made it invisible, sleazily because they did not want the facts in it to be read. Sorry that you cannot take that in and if it is too complex for you. Actually, I am an Oxford educated scholar with a scientific textbook contract, not  a “vile semi-literate nutjob”. I know a number of world class lawyers and am more than capable of identifying actionable accommodation discrimination in the deletion of our religious blog due to the simple and quite natural desire of our people to survive. No Native American  blog would have been deleted due to the writer following his native religion or wishing for his own people not to be exterminated. Why is there personal hatred, harassment, exclusion, and abuse of Europeans who simply love their own race on your wall, and in the practice of your policies Mr. Schmidt? Is this bias and rabid bigotry standard procedure at google?   #racism   #holohoax

john gury

Yesterday 12:53 PM
+Danaë A’synja Obviously.  Your writing leaves no doubts about your education. 

Danaë A’synja

Yesterday 1:29 PM

Your personal attacks and libel, suggesting I did not attend Oxford, are merely a method of distracting from the facts, for instance, the facts in this article. https://odinia.org/what-are-values/ If  you had a valid argument,  you would present it. Since you don’t,  all you can do is behave abusively with extremist anti -European bigotry, apparently with +Eric Schmidt ‘s full approval? So much for no hate on google #bigotry   #bias
Odinia Invictus!
Odinia Invicta!
Due to the illegality of their actions, Google has restored both Freyjahof’s Muse and our Odinist temple religious website. However, this website, The Viking Althing, will continue to be expanded, and updated versions of the original articles will still be added to in the Freyja Hof’s Muse II section, and there will be new articles in the Freyjahof’s Muse III area as well.. Check back and visit us often and let us know (at Odinia@outlook.com ) if you wish to submit an article to the upcoming edition of the Odinist Journal Foxfire or be added to our mailing list….!


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  1. Vidar Goth - September 7, 2017 at 11:19 am Reply

    Eric Schmidt,

    What Auschwitz did you visit? Was it in Disneyland? Because the one that I visited in Poland was a joke to anyone with any intelligence.

    There weren’t any sealed gas chambers! There were NOT any towers connected to vent the supposed cyanide gas!

    Gas chambers with glass windows and no seals to prevent the deadly gas to escape out and kill the guards!!!?? LOL what idiot would believe that!?

    When people are executed with cyanide gas the chamber must be completely sealed because one whiff of the gas can kill.

    Cyanide gassing at Auschwitz is a joke that only the most brainwashed idiots would believe.

    Bishop Williamson makes an excellent winning argument as to why there could not possibly have been any cyanide gassing at Auschwitz.

    In his video below he is simply making a very lucid analysis for why such gassing is impossible. Yet, this highly intelligent and honest man was fined the equivalent of $27,000 in Euros for an honest analysis.

    An honest analysis is labeled as “hate speech” because the lying jews (such as yourself) can’t possibly win in an honest discussion about the Holohoax.


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