“Justice” for Whites in Jewmerica: ZOG infested America hits new low as Murderous Blacks receive 41 million dollar reward for gang raping and nearly killing White woman…

America hits new low. Murderous Blacks get 41 million dollar reward for gang raping and beating helpless white woman.
America hits new low. Murderous Blacks get 41 million dollar reward for gang raping and beating helpless European ancestry woman.

This is a difficult topic, and a hard one to deal at, and yet, it is important. It needs to be faced up to and looked at squarely in the face, pleasant or no. Why is this topic important to people of European origin and why am I, specifically, writing this article?

 A doctor might be more familiar with sickness and able to diagnose it based on experience, but now we are expected to take our cue on matters that have to do with our own safety and that of our loved ones from those who generally have never experienced any danger and therefore do not know what they are speaking of. This is never a reasonable proposition.

An English South African who went to live in Africa as a child once told me he was not a racist before going to Africa, and I understand what he meant. However, I would take it a step farther even and say that I do not think that being a racist and being a realist are even the same thing. What he meant really was not that he was a racist, but that being familiar with the reality of the situation made him see things more realistically.

Speaking as someone who has had guns held to my head 4 times by Blacks before reaching the age of 23, and  who has held guns back at them in response a couple times too, I do, unfortunately, have experience. I attended an all black school, and I lived in a Black neighborhood, and somehow or other, I am alive. I have to speak for these girls, for the ones who were killed.  I have to because I am an Odinist, and because I am here, and they can no longer speak. Please, if  you have not already done so, consider doing the same, for the sake our your own tribe’s survival.

Jews constantly portray those of European origin as “White trash” in the 97 percent Jewish owned media, but recently, the labelling and abuse of European heritage people as “trash”, has taken on a new, and even more literal, and sinister meaning.

Black rapists and near murderers who were doubtless rightly convicted were not just freed, but today received 41 million dollars to reward them for their crimes, presumably because their victim was a European ancestry woman and Blacks can do no wrong. On April 19, 1989, a gang of 30-50 Black and Hispanic savages motivated by a steady diet of entitlement, and also the natural genetic behavior commonly exhibited in their own country, where babies, and even dogs are commonly raped,  gang raped and beat a slight, lone, blonde, European woman jogging in a park nearly to death.

The message being given by the legal outcome today is clear. It does not matter if completely innocent European folk have their businesses looted or are raped or killed by Blacks. Anyone who is not of European origin is always “good” and deserves reward, no matter what they do, while European ancestry people are to be horrifically abused and thrown away afterwards, literally like trash, at times even in rubbish bins, with the full sanction of our Zionist occupied government and media, and Jewish “justice” system…

Trash can a European ancestry girl named Channon Christian was stuffed into so that she would suffocate by blacks, after being raped, sodomized, mutilated, and having bleach poured down her throat to destroy evidence.. She was still alive when placed in the trash can by them.
Trash can a blonde European ancestry girl named Channon Christian was stuffed into by Blacks, after being raped, sodomized, mutilated, and having bleach poured down her throat to destroy evidence. She was left in it to die alone.. Channon was still alive when placed in the trash can by them.

The facts.. for instance that the fact that 9 other people were attacked by this same Black mob in Central Park, on the same evening… that these people also had rocks thrown at them, including a helpless homeless man, and that these acts were witnessed, are blithely ignored…. This incident dates from a time when DNA evidence and collection were only in their beginning stages, but despite this, having no DNA evidence is presented by the 97 percent Jewish owned media as proof that those who clearly committed and confessed to this horrific crime are “innocent”.

I wonder, was any person ever found guilty of a crime and convicted before DNA evidence was used? Ah, if only the Jews applied the same “standards” to themselves that they apply to White victims of real crimes, where anyone who assaults Whites is rewarded. Better give back the Holocaust reparations then, I think, Israel, because there is abundant evidence that the Jewish Holocaust was a scam, with no physical evidence whatsoever to support it. Maybe it is time for Jews, who own/ed the vast majority of the slave trade, not just African, but the present White sex slave trade in Israel that everyone ignores, to pay reparations for bringing African slaves to our shores to savage our population in the first place?

After being raped, sodomized, and beaten, the woman who had been attacked in Central Park, a woman who weighed only a hundred pounds, was thrown into the bushes, naked, in a pool of blood, and still gagged with her own bloody skirt, to die… in a manner reminiscent of two other European ancestry girls more recently assaulted by Blacks and literally thrown in the trash dead or dying afterwards.

One of these girls, 12 year old Autumn Pascale, was only a child. She was assaulted, then thrown in a trash can, already dead. The other, teenage victim, Channon Christian, was horrifically, left to die, alone in a sealed trash can, by suffocation. Vicious crimes against European people committed by non Europeans are by no means unusual. There is an overwhelming incidence of Black crimes against Whites, in fact approximately 90 percent of all inter-racial crime has White victims and non- White perpetrators at last count by the Department of Justice, but this is never mentioned by the 97 percent Jewish owned media.

These  victims, and SO MANY others, are thrown in the trash and in the bushes twice, no three times… once by the Blacks who commit these monstrous crimes, once by the Jewish media which acts as though the White victims do not exist because of their race, and who have orchestrated non-European immigration to European heritage countries specifically to destroy us in the first place, and a third time, by those Whites who know about it, but do NOTHING.

Autumn Pascale... murdered for bicycle parts, thrown in a trash can, and even defamed after death.
Autumn Pascale… murdered for bicycle parts, thrown in a trash can, and even defamed after death.

When the Central Park victim was finally retrieved from the bushes, 75 percent of her blood had drained from her body and her skull and part of her face had been crushed. It was thought by doctors she would die or remain in a coma permanently, but she has recovered to some extent physically. When, after several weeks she did come out of a coma, she could not recognize her mother and did not know what year it was.

Five of the Black “youths” confessed and were convicted, 4 on video tape, some with their parents present. I remember that one mentioned he had repeatedly hit the woman in the head with a lead pipe because it was “fun”. It was hard to find because all of the reportage has since been sanitized by Jewish media revisionism to make it look as though this was an injustice against Blacks, but here is a reference to it.

The term “youths” is used to try to negate responsibility for the criminals due to age. It might more sensibly be considered that if they already behave in this way as teenagers, what will they do later? The one assailant whose DNA was preserved had assaulted numerous women, but this is apparently considered of no consequence in our Semitic legal system, in which the honor and safety of women, particularly European ancestry women, means less than nothing. As a result, Blacks convicted of  violent crimes against White women, if even convicted, are soon released to repeat them, and in this case, even given monetary reward.

Here are some excerpts from the article linked above.

“One of the assailants, Yusef Salaam, 15, told the police that he whipped the woman with a lead pipe about the head ”because it was fun.”

Raymond Santana, told the police that Mr. Lopez hit the woman with a brick several times. Mr. Lopez told the police he also hit the woman with the pipe at some point in the attack.”

Besides being gang raped and sodomized, the woman was also punched repeatedly, beaten with metal pipes, rocks, and bricks, and apparently stabbed with a knife, but this is not only not a hate crime, but not even really a crime, apparently, just as, in Israel, it is not a crime to keep European women and children as sex slaves for profit and rape them until they are dead. Israel is effectively a theocracy and according to the Talmud, it is not wrong for a Jew to rape a European woman or child so it is not actually illegal there for Jews to use White women and children as sex slaves. Look, for example, at the legal decision made in the case of Rachel Corrie. The same general attitude of religiously justified hatred and envy of Europeans pertains in their occupied country, America.

DNA was in its infancy then and not as sophisticated, but DNA evidence later tied yet another Black serial rapist, whose victims included a pregnant mother whose children were present when he attacked her, to the crime. He was already serving a life sentence for other crimes, and  had nothing to lose, so he confessed, saying he had acted alone. Since there was no DNA evidence tying the others who had confessed to the crime, this was used as an excuse to free the others who assaulted a helpless woman. Doubtless the Black rapist who was tied to the DNA evidence got a kickback from the other rapists. Yes, despite all the witnesses, suddenly, this Black gang warfare against Whites incident was just the work of a lone assailant. What are we supposed to believe next, Mr. Jewish news spokesman?

How could any “justice” system but a Semitic one allow this? One wonders where the European race rioters are? Are they watching Talmudvision and being indoctrinated, or just closing their eyes and ignoring things as hard as they can? As European ancestry woman, I would like to know. Oh, I understand… they are afraid if they protest, someone might think they are “racist”.

Meanwhile, White women and children, and even young men, can be gang raped, set on fire, tortured, and thrown in trash cans to suffocate while still alive by Blacks, and this is just fine.. and now apparently it is standard practice for police in Central Park to ignore Black assaults lest they be considered “racist” too.

Murdered by Black boys and thrown in a trash can so that they could steal my bicycle. I don't matter, because I am white...
Murdered by Black boys and thrown in a trash can so that they could steal my bicycle. I do not matter, because I am European.

There was no reasonable doubt that these men were guilty, but then we currently live in a regime that puts no value on reason. According to the Jewish media and justice system, the verdict has, quite literally been given. These women and little girls were, in fact, guilty of being blonde European ancestry girls, and for this reason, their deaths do not matter. After all, it is Europeans who are inhuman monsters, not Blacks, Hispanics, and Jews and this is a mantra we are expected to internalize and repeat like trained Zombie slaves.

One Jewish woman even wrote an article about how all of this anti-white hatred and violence is, in fact, all our fault, an article giving the impression that even being concerned about the overwhelming levels of violence against those of European origin by non-Europeans is due to “White supremacy” rather than a legitimate concern. Quite literally, what this woman is trying to push the idea that not  being in favor of replacement and extermination of European folk is “White supremacism” and “racism”, and this is indeed how this issue is presented in the twisted view of the Jewish media. Such programming is not an isolated incident in our controlled media either. It is standard.

Below is a picture of my comment on the Zionist anti-white social programming article just mentioned, an article which is well worth having a look at to see just how sick it is. The article is also meant to turn European heritage men and women against one another along the way just for good measure…  One gets the impression from it that Europeans even defending themselves against Black violence is “racist’. Upon looking into it a bit, it would appear that the author of this article, full of such extreme anti-European hatred and bias, not to mention inaccuracy, was indeed a Jewish woman.


Polly Klass was a 12 old Nordic girl kidnapped from a slumber party and raped, strangled, and buried in a shallow grave by a perpetrator whose record was so atrocious that it is almost inconceivable that he could have been let out in order to commit this last crime.  At the trial he taunted the father of the  little girl he had assaulted and murdered by saying that the last thing she had said before her killed her was that her daddy had molested her. After diminishing the Polly Klaas case as a “scare” and even suggesting that the “three strikes” law which was meant to reduce incidence of violent crimes by repeat offenders  that was influenced by the case was “controversial”, the Jewish woman who wrote the article linked above, went on further express her hatred of blondes and European ancestry males.. Here are some excerpts from her article.


“These girls, however, are always figured along the exact same lines: white, blonde, beautiful, and youthful. These stories and their already in place victims, framed as innocent, serve as a constant reminder of who we, as a culture, appear to value the most (i.e. white girls). By that logic, everyone else—and many people more likely to sustain violence—are left out, pushed to the margins, and deemed unworthy of victimization. The latter is a truly dangerous consequence. The repeated use of the “dead white girl” as narrative device arrives on-screen most often as a means to prop up, reiterate, and reaffirm the power of whiteness and often masculinity.”


“Few characters of color are allowed to intellectualize their violence in the way mainstream media and television reserves for white men—in TV perhaps only Rowan Pope (Olivia’s Dad/Command), Omar Little, and Stringer Bell even come close to the complex depictions of white male violence. Of course, this should come as no surprise in a culture of white supremacy that long ago worked (and continues to work) tirelessly to attach violence to blackness, as if they were synonymous.”
“This framework has real world consequences, wherein black bodies are framed as already aggressive, preemptively violent. We see this in the media narratives about the murders of Renisha McBride, Trayvon Martin, and Jonathon Ferrell, among far too many others, in which white murderers attempt to justify their killings by foregrounding their racist fears, trotting out defenses rooted in white supremacy”.
The cause of Black violence against Whites? White supremacism of course!
Response to article. .

(Here is the video in the screenshot above.) 

Even in such a climate of institutionalized Jewish- orchestrated hatred of Europeans  we have at present, who would have thought we could ever have Black celebrity criminals smirking for the cameras and being patted on the back for their monstrous acts. This “man” you see in the center of the picture below, Yusef Salaam, is the one who said that the reason he had smashed Trisha Meili’s head with a lead pipe was  because it was “fun“.

It would seem there is only one instance in which the Jewish media approves of things Muslim, and that is when Blacks with Arab names are beating in the heads of helpless European women with metal pipes. Despite the police having been proven to have acted in good faith and properly, the settlement was made, Mayor Bill de Blasio said  from “a moral obligation to right this injustice.”

And who is the “federal judge” whose name is never mentioned in any of the articles sent out by the Jewish owned Associated Press? His name is Ronald L. Ellis, and not only is he African American but he has a history of working closely with Jews, and with the NAACP, so clearly he himself might be considered too biased to make a fair decision in a case of a violent crime motivated by Black racial bigotry and bias.  Most notably, Magistrate Ronald L. Ellis had  previously ruled against the City of New York, quashing the subpoena the city had issued to question the clearly anti- White biased documentary maker Ken Burns, so that any further evidence against these murderous hate filled Blacks could be suppressed.

 Yusef Salaam, who told the police that he whipped the woman with a lead pipe about the head ”because it was "fun”
Yusef Salaam, who told the police that he whipped the woman with a lead pipe about the head ”because it was “fun”

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  1. Dark Matters - November 20, 2014 at 1:09 am Reply

    No reply at all? Everyone should read this article!!

  2. Hersir - December 28, 2014 at 8:09 am Reply

    It’s extremely troubling that very few Europeans actually defend or even speak of our murdered people; I know a scant few who have even heard of Autumn Pascale outside of a handful of informed individuals, like this website.

    Lately, I’ve noticed that non-White violence has gotten to the point that it has become normalized. Ferguson riots, Chicago and New York have been construed by the mainstream media as being instigated by “racism”, which is untrue.

    I hope, one day, Europeans and their colonial family may know what it means to have a society and culture again.

    • Odinia - January 21, 2015 at 4:57 pm Reply

      I hope so too and I agree with you. The way abuse and murder of European ancestry people is not just ignored but rewarded is horrible enough, but the Europeans who go along with it are a thousand times worse.

  3. mindy - January 8, 2016 at 8:01 pm Reply

    What these women went through is horrendous.
    The monsters that did this deserve the worst.
    However, the “Central Park 5” are being victimized as well. 5 young boys, that were coerced into confessions, that all greatly differed from one anothers’, as well as the known facts, with no other evidence, and with disregarded DNA evidence that should have not only exonerated them, but immediately set them free (as it matched a serial rapists whom the police were investigating and had samples of and who later confessed in full, actual detail…which didn’t contradict facts like the boys’ statements), But their youth was stolen. I suggest you watch “the central Park Five”…with an open mind and with the ability to set aside your judgment on those particular boys until the end.
    I do not mean to in any wsy take away from the awful events that happened to these women. But you say some pretty harsh things.

    It is digusting…how could someone do that…something should be done further…just Make sure your rage is properly placed. There’s too many awful people out there doing really bad things to good people.

    • Odinia - January 8, 2016 at 10:51 pm Reply

      mindy.dee@hotmail.com IP ADDRESS My rage is properly placed. My anger is directed at you, and those like you, without whom such crimes would not be possible because if saner folk had prevailed, these savages would have been sent back to Africa long ago, and we would all be safe. Your self-serving cold-blooded concern for your liberal image and disgustingly hypocritical and traitorous fixation on exonerating and excusing those who routinely prey upon my race disgust me to the depths of my being. You have no heart, no soul, no true compassion… You know very well that these thugs are criminals and that if anyone is “racist” they are, but you want to wear your rose colored classes and get points for selling out your own people to the Jews and Blacks. These young women were raped, tortured, killed, and stuffed in trash cans, and you talk to me about “saying harsh things”? Blacks have held guns to my head 4 times before the age of 23 so you are speaking to the wrong person. Whoever you are, and I am sure you do not have the guts to say, I hope you get exactly what you deserve, preferably something along the same lines as what happened to these young White girls and women, and so many others.

  4. LaRa!!♧45♡VaNe!LlA (@P1NKINHO) - March 9, 2016 at 1:26 pm Reply

    Stop inciting racial hatred you sad person, those black men didn’t rape Trisha Meili it’s been proven

    • Odinia - March 19, 2016 at 1:56 am Reply

      The Blacks who are responsible for 90 percent of all inter-racial violence are the ones inciting racial hatred and they are going to get what they have earned. So are idiots who betray their race like you. How about we send you to Black Africa since it is so safe and the Blacks are so innocent?

  5. Elise Lefort - February 16, 2018 at 3:31 am Reply

    This is what our people need to see, but so few do. Thank you for all your hard work!

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