The Church Comes out....

The Catholic Church Comes out…. In the Light of its Tacit Approval of Gay Marriage and Payouts for Pederasty, we have to ask… Is this a Real Religious Organization or a Semitic Child Molester Mafia?


Is Christianity even a real religion?

Amazingly, one of the most common responses to Christians discovering one is an Odinist is to say that we “must be atheists”, but surely it is only fair to say that anyone who is aware of how Christianity gained a foothold ,and that its traditions are for the most part not original, might be more justly accused of the same. Sadly, I think many people actually do believe in the Jewish, semitocentric religious world view simply because they have been told that is the case, but the good news is that this number is lessening daily in America, and Semitic enforced religion is already almost extinct in Northern Europe. Certainly, no one could, with any accuracy, say that Christianity is a European religion, any more than they could say Islam is European. Christianity is a foreign, Semitic, Jewish religion.

We already know that Catholicism is not a real religion in the sense of it having to be forced, on pain of death, on many people of different races and lands in our past. The question is, can Catholicism, or any Christian religion, seriously be considered a real religion when it was used by its Jewish creators as a Marxist culture and nation destroying technique and political dominance tool, especially when this was its chief aim?

The rituals, traditions, and customs, and even the building themselves now considered churches, often were originally our temples or built over our temple sites, and even the resurrection and nativity, are all taken from our real Pagan European religions. Their trappings have been used for convenience and as window dressing. In some cases, our suppressed folk added features of our real religion into the false religion as a method of preserving some part of what is real until such a time as we were free again.

How can one consider a religion in which one’s own Gods and Goddesses are forcibly replaced by a foreign Jewish pretender in semitocentric fashion to be real or meaningful? Christianity is not based on real religious experience, real history, reason, truth, or anything spiritual. It is an act of rape and defilement of ourselves and our true Divinities, and a means of enforcing Semitic dominance over our real European religion, nothing more.

Now certainly there are many fine people who adhere to Catholicism worldwide and there are many sincere Catholic clergy as well. Are these people just drawn in as window dressing by this out of control cult as well? The latest is that the Church now tacitly and with reservations, approves of gay marriage, although without actually saying so directly as yet. The pronouncements made include the following:

Suggestions that homosexuals…“need to be welcomed and accompanied with patience and delicacy” and that “[homosexuals] have gifts and qualities to offer to the Christian community.”

“Without denying the moral problems connected to homosexual unions, it has to be noted that there are cases in which mutual aid to the point of sacrifice constitutes a precious support in the life of the partners,”

And perhaps most tellingly

“Indeed, the report condemns gay partnerships as “imperfect” and emphasizes that “unions between people of the same sex cannot be considered on the same footing as matrimony between man and woman.”

In other words, the Catholic Church is now recognizing gay marriage as marriage. In some ways this is surprising because they were against this act as an abomination in the past, at least on the surface. In other respects, this is not at all surprising since they clearly have such a high percentage of homosexual clergy, and because, in their  actions they have for the most part, until exposed, done nothing but protect the homosexual clergy, without a single thought, care, or consideration for their victims, or even future victims.

Zionist Promoted Myths about Homosexuality

Here, in short, are the common sense facts as opposed to the Zionist myths that are being promoted:

1. It is now often said that heterosexuals attack more children than homosexuals do and statistics are even advanced to support this, but they are misleading… to say the least. They do NOT take into account the percentage of homosexuals in the population. When one does factor this in, homosexuals are 40 percent more likely to sexually assault a child.

2. In addition to the falsified figures, the general idea is also put forward that men who attack children are not homosexuals but “pedophiles”. Common sense, however, should tell anyone who considers it that a man who rapes a boy is homosexual.

3. We are commonly told that homosexual rights are not in opposition to heterosexual rights or children’s rights, but in fact, the rights of children and homosexuals are in direct opposition to one another, and are, in a legal sense, at war. At this very moment underage children in public schools in America are being given lists of gay bars, are being exposed to graphic homosexual pamphlets, and are being taught homosexuality is just another lifestyle choice, in order to overcome any aversion to it, which would otherwise be natural..

The Fistgate Incident. These pamplets are being handed out to children in public schools
Should these really be handed out to children in school?

In California, small children whose teachers *think* they may be gay are taken off site and given special homosexual indoctrination classes. All of this is without the parents’ knowledge or consent. In Canada, things have been taken even farther. Homeschoolers are being threatened that they must present homosexuality as a “normal” lifestyle choice in their own homes or be charged with a crime, and even run the risk of losing their children. Homosexuals in America are trying to normalize sex with children and make it LEGAL as part of a “children’s rights” campaign by NAMBLA. After all, if homosexuality is “normal”, pederasty must be “normal” too, or that is what is being suggested now [1] . . Sickeningly, there was even a recent children’s book, by a Jewish psychologist of course, in which a child is raped by his uncle but it is presented as a loving act and the child forgives him.

Other homosexual groups are pushing for the creation of laws which would make it a lifelong felony crime for a child to “bully” another child (who is homosexual) in school. “Bullying” now is a code word for anyone who does not accept the Zionist homosexual agenda. Obama and Romney, who both are Zionist funded, now have publically expressed that they oppose the Boy Scouts ban on accepting homosexual scout leaders despite the fact that these groups are watering holes for homosexual predators  [2] ..

4. Are those who do not think that they or their children should be subjected to ANY of this and who believe in freedom of thought and opinion, *really* “haters”? Our position is that Odinist men, who wish to protect women and children (rather than homosexuals who can protect themselves), are behaving like REAL MEN. We believe that those who do otherwise are merely seeking shallow ego strokes from a sick society and shirking their responsibility, not to mention avoiding reality. We put children and freedom from Zionist occupied Marxist government first. If you still think that we are “haters” for doing so, consider this question. Tell me, do you think the homosexuals who assault children “hate” them, or do they just not care?

The Personal, Financial Costs, and Scope of the Catholic Clergy Child Rape Mafia

In just the last decade, there have been billions of dollars in settlements to the victims of homosexual priests in the USA alone… One might, quite naturally, if one were a Catholic, expect one’s donations to go to charity and the needy rather than feeding, housing, and making settlements for child rapists, and enabling perverts to rape boys, and yet, entire dioceses have been bankrupted in paying for the illegal and immoral sexual activities of Catholic clergy. Half a billion was spent in payouts to victims in L.A. alone, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Here is a video with testimonies from the victims of the Catholic Church in Ireland which is particularly enlightening. Towards the middle, we hear about how a priest in Ireland, who is now a Cardinal, heard testimony from a small boy who was being raped by a priest. In a recorded testimony, the boy  told of other abused children whom he had witnessed being assaulted too, but the priests he told did nothing apart from asking the boy such questions  as if he had “had an erection” while being assaulted, and then forcing the repeatedly raped child to take a vow of silence. They did not even tell his parents or the parents of the other children. As a direct result of this inaction, the child and other children  the child had tried to save by telling the priests about what was happening,  continued to be abused afterwards by the same priest for years,  even including numerous new victims. Apparently, the only concern of the committee of priests who investigated this was the appearance of the Church, not the fact that small children would continue to be assaulted, and that more would be assaulted in the future.

When one considers the level of betrayal involved in the presentation of these monsters as spiritual leaders, especially when trusting one’s children with them, and the use of religion to coerce child victims, the only conclusion I personally can reach is that the offenders should be executed for this crime, if plausibly convicted. This is an offense which clearly deserves execution. Instead of this, there have been secret payoffs, a further insult to the victims in a sense, as though their humanity and honor can be bought, rather than redeemed by real justice.

Yes, the victims should be compensated, but they should also see their abusers punished and know that they will never again abuse another child, instead of the child rapists being transferred knowingly to a new parish to do it again. As opposed to the BILLIONS of dollars spent in payouts just in the last decade alone, we find that the Catholic Church has spent only 2 million opposing gay marriage. They may say they are anti-homosexual, but that is not the case. Their entire organization is effectually homosexual as is their religion. What can one expect of a religion that makes a virtue of the betrayal and degradation of our own native religion, ancestors, and  people?

One estimate or extrapolation from the Philadelphia abuse incidents, suggesting possible total numbers is apparently based just on reported assaults, but when considering the embarrassment that often prevents the reporting of rape, especially in same sex cases, and especially with children, the real numbers must be much much higher. This informal and speculative estimate is quite interesting. The probable numbers the writer suggests, again, only based on reported cases, is as follows. Bear in mind that these are current numbers only. Imagine just how many children have been assaulted by this Semitic cult, after first being set up to accept abuse by false Marxist religion, over the last thousand years?

“There are eight-hundred priests in the Philadelphia archdiocese. Msr. Bill’s list of thirty-seven represents 4.6% of the total. But the likelihood that he was aware of every priest child molester in his realm is slim to none, after all, they don’t confess it to him, nor do they carry a sign. It would be relatively safe to postulate that he knew of only 1/3rd to 1/5th of the total number of molesters. If it was the conservative 33% then the true total would equate to one-hundred eleven (111) child molester priests – 13.9% of the Philly priest population.

There are approximately 41,000 Catholic priests in the US. Assuming there isn’t anything special about the Philadelphia holy water supply or priest enlistment criteria, we can assume that 13.9% of all US priests are similarly inclined toward pedophilia. That equates to 5,700 perv priests running rampant nation wide.

Gene G. Abel is an expert in child molestation. In his 2001 The Stop Child Molestation Book he states that pedophiles who molest male children average 10.2 victims each (twice the rate of those who molest girls). Thus, the number of American children that were likely molested by today’s priests is 58,000!! And of course the real number is much higher, since this doesn’t account for priests who retired or died decades ago. If they were included the number of victims would increase exponentially.

The estimated number of pedophiles in the US is 5% of the population  [3]  .   .

If we ignore the small percent of child molesting women, and remove the female population from the calculation, male pedophiles would be roughly 10% of the population. If my conservative Philly estimate is anywhere close to on target this implies that Catholic priests are 39% more likely to be child molesters than the US male population as a whole.

And this is just the tip of the outrage. There are 409,000 Catholic priests world wide. This could mean as many as 57,000 child molesting priests / over 570,000 child victims internationally just from the existing batch of Catholic clergy.”

What about the Rights of Children?


Children's Rights and gay rights are in direct opposition to one another
What about this little boy’s rights? Is anyone standing up for HIM?

Above is a picture of a small determined surfer I saw while vacationing on the other side of the island. I think he should be able to play, socialize, and even be able go to school and Boy Scouts in safety. Is anyone boycotting any fast food chicken joints as was done with  Chick-fil-A so that the homosexuals are removed from the Catholic Church, or any other position where they might conceivably harm children, or do the homosexuals come first? Surely, as adults, they can take care of themselves better than small children?

At any rate, even as the Catholic Church sinks to almost unconceivable depths, I am proud to be able to state that we Odinists do not support gay marriage, homosexual adoption, or the covering up of sexual abuse of youngsters.  Odinists love our tribe enough to be responsible human beings and stand up for what is important, and for the truth, and the truth is homosexuality and pederasty are not normal or positive.. I can see why someone homosexual might want to present it that way, but nevertheless, homosexual rights need to start ending where the rights of society and as yet unaffected children begin, and this needs to happen right now.

For those who still think that homosexuality and pedophilia are different things, consider what this ridiculous assertion is meant to do, which is to promote the idea that it is safe to leave your children with homosexuals as babysitters, and allow them to adopt children (!), never mind that there is an entire tourism industry designed to cater to homosexual couples who wish to rape boys together in developing countries.. The idea is that this sort of indoctrination will not harm or endanger your child, physically or psychologically, but it will.

This push is nothing but a Jewish psychological attempt to use false pseudo- science as an authority to divorce the concept of homosexuality from child assault, again, something that cannot be done rationally,  because the act of raping a boy is a homosexual act. The average heterosexual man would not want to rape a boy and all the psychological jousting in the world will not change that simple fact. A normal man is usually repulsed by the idea of homosexual sex of any kind.

All of the Marxist style attempts by the homosexual activists to force us all to accept them and their behavior as normal, when it is not normal, clearly put the civil and human rights of child victims last. Child rights and safety, and homosexual rights will always be in opposition to one another . Therefore, in any traditional society, even for the sake of public decency alone, such rights, even as gay parades, need to be abolished.

If homosexuals want to have their own island nation of perversion somewhere, they are welcome to, but they need to stop inflicting their lifestyle on our children, our schools, and our society. According to Tactius, our ancient European ancestors bogged male homosexuals, and one might imagine that this was because they were dangerous to children. It is only in recent times that there have begun to be lawsuits in response to the rape of boys by priests in this Jewish created “religion”. Since the beginning of the Catholic Church one can probably assume that, in accordance with the Talmud, since this was, after all, a Jewish religion,  small children were regularly assaulted. This cult must have destroyed the lives and identity of countless children.

Even in their own Jewish book, there are exhortations against homosexuality:

“You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination”. (NKJ, Leviticus 18:22)

“If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination. They shall surely be put to death. Their blood shall be upon them.” (NKJ, Leviticus 20:13)

Clearly, there was a particularly strong need for such laws against homosexuality because Jews are, perhaps physically and genetically to some extent, massively more likely to be homosexual. They also are in control of our education system, government, and media, which features homosexuality presented in a positive light literally every few minutes, most often in movies designed for pre-teens. The question is, when are European folk going to recognize this onslaught of foreign controlled abasement of our European heritage and society as the aggression it is and say “enough”?


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About the Author: Seana Fenner is the leader of Odinia International, an organization which seeks to restore and celebrate our native European religion. She is the writer and narrator of the Odinist video redes and blóts on the Odinistpodcast Channel on Youtube. She has spent many years doing research on the ancient world while doing graduate work at the University of Oxford, both at archaeological sites and research libraries and museums. Her degrees are in archaeology, history, English literature, and religion. In addition to writing about Odinism and archaeoastronomy, she is especially active in working on European civil rights issues and freedom of religion and speech. Most recently, she has worked for the NASA Infared Telecope, and as a lecturer, creating and teaching archaeoastronomy courses for the physics department at the University of Hawaii. She has also given history, natural history, and science lectures for the Harvard Museum of Natural History and private jet tour expeditions. For more about her research, and upcoming book, see her Author’s Guild page here. To submit an article to the Odinist Journal Foxfire, or to join our Odinist email newsletter, or Odinia International, please contact us at

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