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Odinia is our name for the holy Nation of Odin, the much cherished ideal of a spiritually, ideologically,  and politically united European ancestry tribe whose people will successfully promote their own interests, love their own culture, and achieve freedom from Jewish supremacism and oppression.

At this time our race is only approx.7-8 percent of the world's population, down from more than 30 percent, and our lands are being invaded with hordes of non-Europeans forcibly brought in by Jewish- led immigration to replace us. Our governments, our media, and our banking, all over the world, with only a handful of exceptions, are occupied by Jews who seek to "farm" us for whatever resources they can attain from us, even including our lives.

Jews use media ownership and religion to give the false impression that our aims are the same. They seek to manipulate us to identify with every other culture but our own, especially theirs, so that they can use us to fight their wars and fund their atrocities and crimes, and ultimately destroy us. We are facing imminent extinction. This is a battle for our very survival, a battle we must win, or have no future.

Freyja Hof's Muse II

1 a eyeFreyja Hof's Muse II; Reposting of Popular Odinist and Pro European blog deleted by Google's Jewish Supremacist Censors, and Censored History albums deleted by Facebook, will slowly be
  • Restored here. There is will also be a section for new Freyja Hof's Muse articles.

Odinist and Pro-European Websites

List of Websites which have normal, reality and reason based content as opposed to Cultural Marxist and Semitocentric doctrine and Jewish supremacist propaganda.

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Our highly pro-European Odinist Redes and blots. Send us a line at Odinia@outlook.com with "add me" in the subject title to be placed on our mailing list and  receive upcoming broadcasts in your inbox.

The name Odinia is a battle call for independence, an embodiment  of our desire to wake our people up to sanity again. We need to stop being the servants of the Zionist world village, and our individual egos, and seek fulfilment of our own tribal interests first. It is our goal to meet the needs of our own people, who are desperately in need of help,  first, and to halt the madness of the nihilistic self- destructive attitude that has been indoctrinated into so many of our folk. We must resist and be reborn as warriors... we must remember, who and what we are, and what truly matters. If we do not, we shall, in our own lifetimes, see the end of our own history, and the rise of what can only be described as the Planet of the Apes.

The choice is up to you, but please do not think that a Jewish created false god and its attendant Cultural Marxist philosophy of defeatism and self- destruction is going to help you or any other European ancestry person anywhere , except over a cliff, because that is what it was designed to do. If you have not done so, have a look into what our native religion is about, and take the time to experience greatness of our real Gods and ancestors.

If you are of European descent, this is your own true birthright. Do not lose it due to semito-centric programming, Jewish lies, and indoctrination. Your heritage is worth more than most of us can possibly imagine. Stand up for Odinia, that it may live, while there is still time. What you do matters.

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If you are in philosophical and spiritual sympathy with us, please do not hesitate to get in touch to explore the options for joining our organization, carrying the torch of reality and truth to light up your corner of the Earth, and honoring our Gods and ourselves.  We do a tremendous amount of work on Odinism and are an excellent umbrella organization for those who wish to start up their own Odinist kindreds. Email or Call us today if you wish to look into becoming a part of our othala and you feel we have the same general principles.

There is much more to it than this, but our basic beliefs and tribal views can best be seen in our Odinist Creed, here. You may wish to have a look and think about if you would like to begin the process of joining or starting your own chapter of Odinia International. We are traditional, family orientated, and ancestral, in that we do believe that European folk have the unalienable right to worship our own Gods and ancestors together as we have for untold generations. Our Odinist religion has only been interfered with by Semitic religious terrorism for 1000 plus years and it has already led to the imminent racial obliteration of our people. It is time to stand with our ancestors, and our tribe, and make sure that our light does not go out.


Despite the fact that our membership is mostly composed of high achievers who work relentlessly for our people, please do not assume this means we are not in need of donations. We do not even cover our website hosting and every single penny of every donation goes towards operating costs. If you feel these articles or resources are useful and would like more of the same, or would like to help fund other projects, such as  our Odinist academy, kindergarten, clergy certification program, prison ministry, our temple building project, retreats, and library, projects which will ultimately be of great benefit to our tribe, please consider donating.

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